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Essential WordPress Plugins for Niche Sites

After creating hundreds of niche sites with WordPress, I have tried and tested lots of different plugins.  Some of the these plugins are a lifesaver!  There is no way I could get my sites to perform the way I wanted them to without these very useful free plugins that I am going to discuss.  However, at the same time there are LOTS of other plugins that I could be adding to my sites to perform lots of other functions as well.  But for most basic niche sites, you will not need many more plugins that what I discuss below.

I also want to point out that there is no “magic bullet” plugin that will make your site zoom to the top of Google.  For more details on how to build links and how I have recently gotten my sites to the top of Google, you can read my ultimate link building guide here.  So, I just want to be clear here – this is not a definitive list of plugins and I expect there are others out there that could replace even the ones I have listed.  I am simply listing the plugins that I use on most of my niche sites.  Lots of my niche sites have nothing more than what you see listed below.  Here is a list of those WordPress Plugins along with a brief discussion on each:

List of My Top WordPress Plugins for Niche Sites

  1. All in One SEO Pack – This plugin is a basic search engine optimization plugin that allows you to input a custom meta description and keywords.  You can also specify and optimize your homepage title – which can be very beneficial for ranking in the search engines.  Overall, this plugin helps you to optimize your site for search engines.
  2. Contact Form 7 – A basic free contact form plugin.  This plugin allows you to quickly and easily create contact forms with a number of basic or custom fields.
  3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – I currently use this plugin on NichePursuits.com.  You will see the links below every one of my posts that shows “Related Posts”.  These links are generated automatically by the plugin.  I use this plugin on my niche sites as well, to help link to other relevant articles on my site to both provide ease of access for readers and good link structure for all my articles.
  4. Quick Adsense – I now use Quick Adsense to insert Google Adsense ads into my posts.  This plugin makes it very simple to insert Google Adsense that is just below the title of your articles (right or left justified), in the middle of your posts, or at the end.  In fact, you can even select to insert the ads after a specified number of paragraphs, plus a few other options.  Overall, I have found it very effective and easy to use to get my Adsense ads to appear where I want them to within my posts.
  5. ManageWP Worker – This plugin allows you to easily manage and keep plugins and WordPress installations up to date for all your sites.  ManageWP is currently free and is in beta.  However, they will begin charging very soon.  If you have lots of niche sites, its definitely worth looking at though because it allows you to update WordPress and plugins essentially with one click on all your sites.  This is a HUGE time saver over updating all of your WordPress plugins individually on each site.
  6. Date Exclusion SEO – I have not used this plugin extensively but did just recently begin using it on a couple of my sites.  Essentially it allows you to post without any dates.  I have to thank the Justin and Joe over at AdsenseFlippers.com for sharing this one! This plugin helps prevents your posts from getting dated in the search engines.

Overall, these are some of the basic plugins that I use.  Yes, there are lots of other plugins that you could add and perhaps even some that would make different aspects of your site easier to manage.  However, overall you really don’t need alot of plugins to get a site to rank well in Google.  Rankings are much more dependent on the quality of your keyword research and your ability to get links to your sites.

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