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Guest Blogging Tips

Writing guest posts on other bloggers’ sites is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to visit your own web pages. Established bloggers already have a built-in audience that will readily read your post because they enjoy the blog already.

Making use of the time other people spend creating their audiences is as easy as visiting other blogs and making one guest post every week on as many as these blogs as you can.

Getting Accepted By Bloggers

Never approach a blog owner if you are looking for a one-way deal. All blog owners expect to receive as much as they offer. This means something different to every blogger, so be sure to ask each one what they would like in return for letting you guest-write a post or two.

Propose Your Deal

Start by asking if you might have a chance to write on their blog. If granted permission, give them an outline of what you wish to write about, offering up a few topics. Assure them that each article will arrive ready to be copied and pasted right onto their blog.

Let these bloggers know that you will return the favor, letting them guest-post on your blog. Remember, not all bloggers want the same favor returned. However, a free swap allows both bloggers to enter into the deal pretty much risk free.

Share Your Links

Do share with other bloggers the links to your website or blog. This gives them the ability to judge your work before they give you permission to write on their blog.

Don’t be afraid to ask many bloggers for permission at the same time. You are going to get a lot of bloggers who never respond at all, a lot of rejections, and a few will probably say “Yes.”

It is the yes replies you are wanting, so don’t worry about the negative ones. The more people you ask, the better your odds are of having someone agree to your terms.

If someone is interested enough in your content, they will agree to let you write for them. Do ask the blog owners what type of article they most prefer.

Writing a Guest Post

Before you even contact blog owners, you should spend some quality time on their blogs.

First, you need to understand the type of content that is included in the blog; and second, you need to establish yourself with the fans of each particular blog. These will give you the overall feel of the place and the readers. This will be helpful when you do start writing.

Spend time reading and responding to existing posts. Discuss posts with other posters; this allows them to see how knowledgeable you are about this particular subject.

This increases your odds that they will read every word you write.

Provide Top Quality Content

When you finally sit down and write your article, be sure you give them content that is worthy of being placed on any online web page. You are not writing to sell anything, you are writing to entertain and inform this new set of readers.

At the same time you are hoping they enjoy your article enough to click on your links and visit your personal blog.

It takes perseverance and a great deal of commitment to get accepted as a guest blog writer. It is not a hard thing to do, but it can be discouraging at times.

However, the ‘Yes’ replies are well worth the rewards you will reap for writing these articles: increased traffic directly to your blog or web page. This is, after all, the main reason to write guest posts!

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