Build an e-Commerce Store in 3 Days

What’s the best way to setup an aesthetic and responsive e-commerce store within a one month timeline?

A Successful e-Commerce Store has a few thing in common.

  1. Get a G-Mail Email Address
  2. Set up A PayPal Account
  3. Set up WordPress Hosting on a Free Site
  4. A WordPress Website
  5. WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  6. UPS Shipping Calculator requires a UPS Account
  7. Customer Thank You Page
  8. Content, Content, Content

Here is the process that you must go through in order to build and create an Online Business.

G-Mail Account is the best communication tool. You may even want to set up a Google Voice Telephone account as well. Both the G-mail Email and Google Voice are Free and a great way to build the foundation of a Rock Solid Online Business.

Receiving Payment is a key and nothing is better or easier to use than PayPal. Understand that if you are new to PayPal you may have to wait up to 20 Days after a sales has been paid for before you can withdraw the funds. Once you become “Verified” you can start to take and transfer Payments Immediately.

Free WordPress Hosting accounts are plentyful. Since WordPress Powers over 65% of the website all over the world the platform has more then validated itself. We offer 2 types of Free WordPress Hosting Options. Our Free Forever Hosting Service located at requires you to set up your own WordPress Site through the C-Panel. (Plenty of How To Videos on Youtube) Your second option is our 45 Day Free Trial at Learn How To Delights, Engages, Educates & Sell This option installs WordPress for you and Installs Several Helpful Tools.

Use a Clean WordPress Theme. Try to avoid clutter. Your theme will be used as a porthole where you will drive traffic.

WooCommerce is the best shopping cart software for WordPress. There are plenty of Youtube Videos walking you through the use of WooCommerce. If you only have 1 Product to offer you may want to check out WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin

UPS Shipping Calculator is a great way to calculate shipping for your clients. Yes offering free shipping is a great thing to do but online clients are “Price Conscious”. Offering a great price and fair shipping is a winning recipe. Check Out this great plugin UPS WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin

Custom Thank You Pages. This is a Free Plugin for “Directing” you clients to a Specific Web Page after the product is sold. You can check this product out here. Custom Thank You Page For Woocommerce

Finally, Content, Content, Content. You can pay Facebook and Google to send traffic your way. Content will bring them back. A customer will visit your site on average of 3 times before they purchase anything unless, you can get a friend to recommend your site or product. Offering great product with great content is a winning solution.

In Conclusion:

Why is it so important that you use a Free WordPress Site to build your business.? You will make mistakes. Every business does. Don’t make the mistake of spending too much on the building before you find out if the foundation is solid.

If your content is good, your price attractive and you start getting some sales then you may indeed have a winner. If you bring paid traffic to your site, offer good content, have an attractive price but don’t convert sales… time to tear down and start again.

A Free WordPress Website and Woocommerce have leveled the playing field for folks all over the world from all Socio-Economic Background. Poor and Rich alike have a level playing field to offer their goods and services to the world.

I hope this article Helps you on your path to success.



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