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27 SEO Essentials for Every Long-Form Blog Post

I love long-form content.Want proof? Take a look at this. That article is just a sample of an article I recently wrote. It’s over 4k words.Sometimes, I write articles that are 10k words. I’ve even written super long guides that are over 20k words!Why? As I’ve learned from years of blogging, long-form content is one […]

What You Never Knew About Blogging

Every day, more and more people are getting into the exciting world of blogging for fun or profit. It’s never been easier to set up a fun, professional-looking blog. WordPress is currently the Most Popular Blogging Platform by far. Many people want to start a blog with one intention in mind, to make money. Making […]

Writing a Proper Business Blog Posts Drives Traffic

Business Blog Posts Drives Traffic I was recently asked, “Is blogging still powerful for business traffic?” There are basically 2 types of blogs posts that drive traffic, Business and Non-Business. Each is used for different reasons. However a Business site can feature Non-Business Blog Posts just as Non-Business Blogs can feature Business Blog Posts. We over refer […]