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Commission Bullseye can Double Your Commissions Without Increasing Traffic With This NEW Auto Targeting WP Plugin.

Full control of your blog content, ads and optin forms… Use multiple Amazon accounts on your blog at once.

More money from Shopify, CPA offers, JVZoo, Clickbank & More…More profit for every click.  Automatic set up wizard for easy application on your entire site

If you have Google Analytics installed on your blog, you can quickly see where your traffic is coming from.

A big chunk (46.04%) of my traffic is coming from the United States. But with 46.04% from the US, that leaves a staggering 53.96% of my traffic going to: Irrelevant Ads, Wasted Clicks, Untargeted Offers

Making sales is a LOT easier, when the sales message lines up with what people are wanting to buy, in a way that makes sense to them. Image US Customers getting sales targeted to US Customers, Spanish Customers get ads in Spanish, French get ads in you guessed it French.

Target your Customers Geographically but there’s more…

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