Prospecting Kits


Basic Gold Panning Kit

You will receive a 5 pc Basic Gold Panning Kit including 1 Gold pan, 1 Scoop, 1 Bubble Snuffer, 1 Magnifying Glass and 1 Gold Vial The Gold pan is made of plastic and measure 8″ across and 1-3/4″ deep, 2-deep riffles on one side and 12 small riffles on the other side to make a perfect combination pan. Also has a hole in the edge of the pan to hang it or tie it to your belt or backpack for travel. The Scoop is 11″ long with a nice smooth spade type blade and is made out of plastic. The bubble snuffer is 6″ long and is used to snuff the gold up to place it in the vial. The vial is 1-1/8″ tall and 5/8″ wide. The Magnifying Glass is a 8X power so the young prospector can clearly see what’s in his pan up close. (Color of the Magnifying Glass will vary) This kit will make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for all the young ones in you life and will get them outdoors!!



Professional Gold Panning Kit

Our Professional Gold Panning Kit includes a 12″ Double Riffle Green Gold Pan, 10″ Double Riffle Green Gold Pan, #10 Mesh Classifier Screen, #50 Mesh Classifier Screen, Black Sand Magnet Tool, Black Scoop Hand Trowel, Long Tweezers, 10X Power Loupe Magnifier, Tall Snuffer Bottle with Travel Cap & 3 Tall Glass Vials to hold your GOLD. Everything you need to find & bring home & keep the GOLD!



Prospectors Special Starter Kit

This Prospectors Starter Kit is lightweight and ideal for any prospecting hike. The kit comes with a mini sluice that’s 6″ Wide and 24″ Long with 3″ High sides. A 12 Inch gold pan, Scoop (scoops color may vary), 2-1/2oz and 2-1oz gold vials and a 4-oz snuffer bottle. The backpack has many pockets to carry your samples, specimens and gold. It even has a pocket for your cell phone or GPS system. We know you’ll like it because we do. Backpacks may vary in style and color. The Mini Sluice comes in handy when sampling in areas where streams are plentiful. You can use the Gold Pan to check for gold in your sluice box concentrates.



Yabby Gold Sucker Hand Dredge

The Yabby Gold Sucker Hand Dredge is one of the most powerful Hand Dredges on the market today. Initially developed by Austrian Fluid Engineers the product is licensed here in the states by Cool Gold Tools. Each stroke delivers almost 4 Times more material then the industry leading Gold Sucker. From the Inlet Restricter to the DIY Collection Hose the Yabby Gold Sucker allows you to customize this unit for your needs instead of charging you for unnecessary parts. Alomst 400,000 People Viewed our Yabby Gold Sucker Video Watch it Here!