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When a visitor first arrives on your website, they are usually in the very early stages of the decision-making process. They know they’ve got a problem or a challenge that needs to be addressed and that’s about it.  Your visitor is looking for possible answers.

The chances of this visitor picking up the phone and calling you at this stage are somewhere between slim and none. Presenting them with a contact form offering a free consultation probably won’t work.

What will work is content that is likely to help identify or provide more information about their problem. So what does this look like? Here is an example of a small company having trouble with their website. By using a series of blog posts that discuss everything from Google’s recent algorithm changes to the importance of having a website that’s mobile friendly or maybe even a post covering the top on-page SEO factors most likely to affect their rankings.

Attached to these specific blog post would be a “CTA” call to action. For example, you could have an email opt-in that subscribes your visitor to a series of emails. In each of those emails, you would go into further details about the potential reasons that their website might see a sudden drop in traffic. Cover the top 4-5 reasons and create a brief email for each one.

Also included in the content of the emails you’re sending should be a link to additional content. This content is what will help the prospect to transition to the next step in the process.

Your customers starts looking for specific content. You want to provide, at this stage, lists of testimonials and case studies centers around how you helped clients with a similar problem to theirs. Some ideas might include case studies, white papers or even videos that answer some of the specific questions, concerns or objections that previous clients have presented you or your sales team with.

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