Here is a Recent Blog Review I did.

OK Elvira, I’m going to review you website honestly and hopefully you will take some of my criticism to heart. I am here to help you live the lifestyle you dream of.

First off your Blog is Pretty. You sense of style and adventure is evident. The Downside is your adverting kills your site.

  • Product Promotion & Reviews will Bring Visitors

You don’t have to a lot of singular content on you site but enough to convey a message. You offer beauty tips but have no Ads for beauty products.

You have Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty as your main categories but you never really focus on any one over the other.

Here is an example of a site of a young friend of the family and all she does is post images to Instagram. No Blog Post or Videos and she makes money on her site. Not a lot of money but every time she wears an outfit by one of her advertiser she posts it to her Instagram account.

Check Out Her Site: heyyyy_its_erinn –

This site is almost the exact opposite of what you are trying to do. What I am focusing on here is the Advertising. You need to join a program like Shareasale to promote Beauty Products and Fashion. Now that Summer is Here Erin promotes Bathing Suits. In the fall she will promote Coats and winter clothing.

  • People Love Product Reviews

Review a product that is offered by one of your vendors. Sephora is an Internationally Recognized Brand Name but if you can Duplicate some of the Models used in Sephora Ads with less expensive make-up or if you can give instructions on how to properly use the make-up and it’s effects then you will build readers.

  • Offer something to you visitor to get them to give you their email address.

Offer a “Top 10 Makeup Tips Free in your Email”. Just fill out the form below. You went to Thailand and wrote and article about “THINGS TO DO IN KRABI ON NEW YEAR’S EVE”.

You mentioned Peace Laguna Resort but you could have written a Blog Post called: The Perfect Vacation Spot for Young Lovers, Peace Laguna Resort. Young couples looking for a place to vacation would find this article wonderful. IF you tied your article in with some pictures of you and also promoted “Hot Fashion Trends in Thialand” and “Make-Up Tips for those Hot Tropical Nights” then your single post could have included several more posts making your Single Post about New Years in Krabi to multiple posts that covers Fashion, Beauty and Romance.

  • Your Life is Deeper and Richer than a Single Blog Post

Most blogger make this mistake by trying too hard to “Write” a Story as compared to Report on Life Events. Trust your Feelings. Here is an example of an author talking about leaving an Airport, decide which one is better.

The cold airport lobby gave way to the heat of the outside world.


The welcomed cool of the airport lobby quickly disappeared when the doors opened and we were immediately hit by a blast of warm air and the smell of Jasmine filled the air.

The Second sentence paints an image of your experience. Your life is deeper and richer then you current posts. If you share more of your life, in your blog post, you will start to build a fan base.

  • In Conclusion
  1. Product Promotion is OK for your Blog as long as the Ads Displayed represent your Blog.
  2. People Love Reviews from People They Can Trust… Build Trust by giving Honest Reviews from the heart.
  3. Offer Something to your readers to make them feel special. A Top Secret List. Ancient Beauty Secrets or Hidden Vacation Gems makes your reader feel like you are putting them into a “Special Group”.
  4. Share Your Life and All your Senses when you write.

I wish you the very best in all your blogging future.



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