Inbound Marketing 5 Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

Let’s go back to the shift of the millennium. Ask somebody about inbound marketing and you’ll probably get a shoulder shrug as an answer. Tell them about a marketing technique through which customers come looking for your products instead of you chasing after them. You’ll probably get a laugh or two. However, nowadays inbound marketing is real, very real. Hubspot’s former CMO Mike Volpe summarized this marketing technique in a simple and accurate phrase: “Don’t interrupt what you buyers want to consume, be what they want to consume”.

“Don’t interrupt what your buyers want to consume – BE what they want to consume.” ― Mike Volpe

Although outbound marketing strategies still are popular and effective, they are losing a lot of terrain against their more effective, inbound marketing counterpart. It is even considered that properly executed inbound marketing tactics are 10 times more effective in generating leads than the classic outbound techniques. How did this shift occur so suddenly? Well, there are many factors in play: the internet, worldwide online access, social media, search engines…

Source: Inbound Marketing in 2017 – 5 Trends to Keep Your Eyes On – Tenfold

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