Is Social Media Finally Coming of Age or Not

Is Social Media Finally Coming of Age Is Social Media Finally Coming of Age

WOW, 2015 was Social Media Cree Cree. Think about it. The year 2015 saw the birth of live streaming on social networks. Terms like Meerkat and Periscope entered our lexicon. Tween-age Girls lead the charge for making Snapchat and Instagram a viable business options to Millions of users. The year 2015 will be remembered as the year we ushered in Recorded Videos on Youtube and exited on a Blab. So what’s in store for your Business in 2016?

What does this new year hold for social media users? Will social media open up new opportunities for shopping and enabling more robust immersive shopping experience. The vast array of new function and the ever expanding world of Social Media has left many users stuck in the Amber Resin of some Social Media Jurassic Park. We can only guess what is in store for 2016.

Do You Really Need a Website With Social Media?

Promoting Products and Shopping on your favorite Social Media Site really took off last year. Over the last year, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all started using “Buy Buttons”.   A Person posting an article could  allow users to purchase clothes, products, music and more without ever leaving their Social Media Page. In many ways this seems to be long overdue. You may have seen a post about people talking about products that can only be purchased thru social media. Social Media makes it very easy to share products.

The downside is of course customer service. Sometimes your customers needs a little more than 140 Character to make a decision about buying your product. Using social media to drive traffic to your website is still a tried and proven method of generating revenue. The question begs to be asked, can a simple Buy Button on your Facebook page do away with your website? I think not. In the future if your social media networks generate as much revenue as your website then by all means think about getting rid of your website. Until then do you really want to chance it?


Taking and Making Money in 2016

Two major things happened in 2015.  First PayPal “Consciously Uncoupled” from Ebay. This makes PayPal the leading “Lone Wolf” in payment processing.  This uncoupling allows PayPal to explore way to add Buy Button to virtually any kind of online communication. Secondly Stripe Payment Processing really came into its own. I have used both throughout the year and am very happy with both.

To buy on social media, you just need to add a “Buy” button. Innovations like Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” now allows  users to browse several style and color options.  You can even pay without leaving the social media platform. In 2016, we can expect to see the social media networks doing more eCommerce. We have created a term that explains where Social Media Buying is going and we call it Hyper Impulse Buying.

Hyper Impulse Buying is taking the same sales model as The National Enquirer and bringing it to Social Media. Let me explain. If you are writing a Facebook post on a really cool flashlight then put a buy button under the image or Facebook Video then your “Friends” may have an impulse to buy that flashlight.  This can really be effective it you are a Market Influencer and have a large Social Media Following.  Like lost sheep some will push the buy button just to be like you and have what you have.  But there is a huge down side. Not all Social Media Networks will use the same Buy Format.

As WordPress has made it easier to add a shopping cart to your website, more and more slick application will help you to monitize your website. As social media networks look for ways to keep viewers the need for a website has never been more important. A well thought out website with plenty of content will always have a place on the internet. There is no better way to become an influencer  or a top market resource then to have an informative Blog.

eCommerce and a Different Way to Look at Things

As companies like Facebook move into a more virtual reality experience for users, marketing product will become harder. Facebook has already begun incorporating Oculus technology into its 360 Video. The unique videos, which have rolled out on News Feeds, allow users to experience scenes from different angles (looking right, left, up, down, etc.), on both web and mobile devices, creating a more immersive experience. The time and resources spent on creating the proper type of images and videos to take advantage of these emerging technologies can be better placed with more exciting content and product promotions.

As Social Media starts to come of age will you be left in the dust if  you go all in on social media and abandon your website. There will always be a place for Great Content, Technical Support and Product Promotion on your website. Instead of chasing the “Next Big Thing” what not redouble your efforts on updating your website. Moving to WordPress, a Faster Servers, Premium Themes and Premium Plugins will give your website that new car look and feel.

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