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millionaireCan anyone can make millions on Amazon?

I was recently asked if anyone can make Millions on Amazon? I said yes… but it will take time. Remember Amazon pays about 4% Commission per sale. You will need to sell $25,000,000 in products to make a million on Amazon.

  • You’ll need to sell 167,000 Product at $150 to make a Million
  • You’ll need to sell 71,500 Products at $350 to make a Million

Here is the beauty of Amazon, you never know when you will hit a product that will blow up and sell millions of units. That is part of the Amazon Delivers if you want to make a million on amazon.

  • I suggest you sell multiple items for $19 or less. You will only make $0.75 per sale. 1000 Sales gets you $750 Commission. 100,000 gets you $75,000 and so on….

Amazon is a numbers game. If you keep on top of the latest trends and put up a website that sells amazon products you will make more money then you would be selling items directly on Amazon. This is just one way folks have used  to make a million on Amazon, and you can too.

  • Here’s a Better Way to sell on Amazon … Preach to the Choir

list-850Instead of Stocking Thousands of Dollars of inventory to ship out every time someone placed an order. Build a Website that reviews and promotes all kinds of products that is funneled into specific topics where you have some kind of knowledge. Then products, books, software and classes you offer on your website will come from a position on power and not desperation.

You will be able to sell Affiliate Products and make much more than 4% per sale. Here you can sell items that cost less than $10 and larger items that sell for hundreds of dollars.  Build a list and start promoting solution and not products.

  • Build a Website that offers Problem Solving Products

If you want to try building your own Affiliate Website give our WordPress Platform a try. You can get a WordPress Website Built for You in under 6 Seconds. You will have access to almost 100 Premium Themes and Plugins plus a built in Auto Responder free for 45 Days.

Hope this helped:

Christopher Sciullo

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