Blab The Little Owl the Roared


Blab The Little Owl the Roared.

Not too often does something come by that captures the imagination of the Internet like has.  Right now as I am writing this post dozens of people are talking about the death of Blab.  Me thinks the demise of Blab has been greatly exaggerated. This article will celebrate the cute little owl that changed the world.

I find it very funny that when Blab first came out, I would bet that over 99% of the users, for all it’s bugs and quirkiness, championed Blab as the death of Facebook.  Now in droves these same people are migrating to Facebook Live. I say Good Riddance. I Love Blab and feel that it will be around longer than most folks think.

What Is Blab All About?

Any knuckle dragging mouth breather could Host a Blab (Free Live Online Broadcast) and share their thoughts with an audience. Hundreds of Online Guru’s were crated overnight. From Internet Marketing to Real Estate, Art, Sex, Politics, Movies, God and Sports, Blab made the world just a little smaller.

If you were looking for an audience then Blab was the place to go. Now with Facebook Live being available to the common masses, the knuckle draggers will have a new place to go. Perhaps only with the Mass Exodus of users Blab will be able to be what it was meant to be.   Here is what I see for the Future of Blab.

First we need to understand Blab and that needs to be explained in a very simple analogy. Think of Blab as your favorite Coffee Shop. You get your Latte Grande and move to an empty table. Once you sit down you hear a conversion that is interesting at the table next to you.  You ask to join the conversation and are invited to agree or disagree until your coffee is gone or you need to pick the kids up at school.

Blab was first and always was about relationships building and not presentations. So when users of Blab claim how it collapsed under that weight of a MMA Show or some Tony Robbins Broadcast, it came clear to me what Blab was all about.

Best Suggestion for Using Blab

  1. I think that there is no better network for Project Management then Blab. Most Project Management meeting are with small groups of people and being able to screen capture, record and replay a meeting makes it a great tool.
  2. Bringing a Radio show to the airways is also a great thing.  You get to see you host live and even “Jump Into an Empty Chair”, upon the invite of the Host. Even better as a Host you could see listeners come and go depending on your comments and content.
  3. Small group corporate training on a software update to an IT Department or Web Developer would work prefect on Blab.
  4. Attorny’s and Police Officers could hold private meetings with Suspects and Witnesses that can be recorded for later review.
  5. Any kind of small group training would be successful successful on Blab.

These are just a few of the uses of a Network like Blab. My hope is that Blab will never go away and only get better but I also understand that all things must change and go away making room for the Latest and Greatest.

cds3Christopher Sciullo @CDSciullo

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