What is a WordPress Multisite

Personally I also use Multisite a lot. I use it to host client websites, to test themes, plugins and niche markets. This keeps all the data in one place.

What is a WordPress Multisite you may ask?

The great thing about the WordPress Multisite is that the WordPress installation itself is almost exactly the same as a standard installation: it has the same folder structure plus an extra tab for Network Administration .

On the Top of the Main Menu you will find the Network Admin Tab with the 4 Managing Functions.

  1. Creating and managing new and current websites and blogs
  2. Installing and activating themes
  3. Installing and deactivating plugins
  4. Installing updates

You are probably wondering what is The Best way to Effectively Use a Multisite

A WordPress Multisite has a lot of applications, but I like to think of them as coming under three categories:

  1. A privately run network of sites or blogs for an individual or business
  2. A network of client sites installed and administered by a singular developer or agency
  3. A network which people can add their own sites to, either for free or by paying a subscription.

Think of your Multisite as a Television Network like NBC, News, Daytime Drama, Reality Shows, Dramas, Comedies and Sporting Events

Each can be branded under the NBC with each having a different look and feel.

In closing I feel that The benefits of a Multisite out weighs the additional cost in hosting. Multisite hosting averages between $19 to $39 depending on the service and features the hosting companies offers.

If you would like more info on Multisite Contact us and let’s talk.

Till we meet again this is your old buddy Chris wishing you the very best in everything you do.


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