How to Write Sales Page Copy

Here is the sales page copy from a company that may not be the most ethical internet marketer but the sales copy on their page is a great way to learn how to write sales copy because it is so simple. Instead of selling the same product that the Sales Page is designed for we will be us this sales copy to sell Cleaning Your Toilet.
I will be Breaking the Sales Letter down in Sections Marked with a Red Header: 

THE EYE CATCHING TITLE: Creates Interest to a Specific Audience.  You can change the last two word to anything you want and this will be a compelling Headline Title: The Real Truth About Cleaning your Toilet. The Title must be directed to a solution you are going to solve. In this training we are going to talk about Cleaning your Toilet. Replace the Yellow with Red

The Real Truth About Web Traffic…  Cleaning Your Toilet

SETTING UP THE STRAWMAN: A Strawman is a Blatantly False or some Ridiculous Statement that can be proved wrong by simple common sense. Copy Writers use this to get you to give them the first “YES”. The more you say yes the harder it is to say “NO”, when the offer is made. Remember they are selling web traffic, we are selling Cleaning Your Toilet so our strawman will be a little different. Most Strawman have a few common parts. 1. The National Recognized Industry Leader, 2. Their very Popular Product, 3. The False Statement.  

Imagine for a moment if Apple released their next iPhone – or some other gadget, without pushing out any targeted advertising…

Imagine for a moment if SC Johnson & Company released A New and Improved Scrubbing Bubbles without pushing out any targeted advertising…

Zero. Zilch. Nada….

Now imagine if they also didn’t…

  • Announce it on their website.
  • They didn’t mention it at tech conferences.
  • They didn’t create any TV, radio, magazine or web advertising around it.
  • They didn’t send out press releases.
  • They didn’t blog about it.
  • They didn’t talk about it on social media. In short, imagine if Apple (SC Johnson) didn’t do all the things they typically do to drum up excitement and sales for their gadgets( Foaming Toilet Cleaner)?

Instead, the marketing director’s genius idea, is to go into the rain forests of Brazil to find remote villages. You know, the kind of place where native people have had hardly any contact with the outside world?

And that’s where Apple (SC Johnson) sets up a little kiosk (Pay Toilet), and tries to make a profit, with the new iPhone (, Selling Scrubbing Bubbles).

Come on now, that’s totally ridiculous, right?

And yet, even as you’re watching this, you may be thinking about your own traffic stats (Toilet). 

So maybe you’re not sitting in the Brazilian rain forest, trying to drum up business with folks impress your Mother-In-Law, who Thinks You don’t know the difference between an iPhone and a bar of soap(a Clean Toilet and a Hole in the Ground). But, you’re not exactly thrilled with your traffic numbers (Toilet) either.

That’s a clue that your advertising current toilet cleaner isn’t working for you.

BUILD THE DREAM: here is where you build the dream for them of all that can be imagined.

You want more.

More traffic, more subscribers, more customers, more cash in the bank, right?

A Cleaner Toilet, happy children, a healthier family, a Nod of Approval from your Mother-In-Law. right?

You know it’s possible…

You’ve seen the big guys and gals in your niche (that own McDonald) pull down some pretty big traffic numbers, (In their Bathrooms)

IT’S THEM VS YOU: Here we focus in your Actual and Imagined Shortcomings.

You’ve heard about their huge mailing list  (Multiple Locations). You’ve even seen their busy blogs (Online Reviews) and social media accounts. And yeah, maybe you even felt a twinge of envy, when it seemed like everyone else is getting so much traffic (positive reviews on cleanliness). 

Does it seem like your competitors  Mother -in-Laws is are getting standing room only

crowds to their sites (in Her Powder Room) while you feel like you’re doing business out (Cleaning some old) of an abandoned warehouse?

Or maybe you have seen surges to your own (bathroom) traffic stats here and there?

Maybe someone linked to  used your site  bathroom once, or you managed to get a good affiliate on board Maid to Help you Clean? Perhaps even Google  your mother might’ve smiled down on you for a while?

I’m going to guess you probably remember thinking how great it would be if you woke up every day to these sorts of traffic surges, a spotless toilet, right? You add people to your mailing list invite people to your home. You get people to your sales page  use your powder room. Your inbox lights up with sales notifications cell phone lights up with RSVP for you next party. 

The truth is – everything just snaps into place when you get enough traffic are confident that your toilet is clean.

SO YOU GET THE POINT: the rest is just rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. You can copy this and start writing your own Blank Sales Copy Page.. But here is a Really Big Tip:

REALLY BIG TIP: Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel. If you have a product to sell Google it. Review the Top 10 Pages and cut and paste a Sales Page Outline. Your Sales page should give you at least 5 Good Blog Posts… a few good email autoresponders and the beginning of a Great Sales Funnel. Hope this helped…

My Job is done here… Go back to the top and replace my Toilet with your Product.

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