I’m going to show you the things I do personally when launching a product. These are the things that I personally do, and that you can do even if you don’t have a bunch of people to help you launch your product.

My Top Free Product Launch Tools available from BlogGuyz.com :

First, I go to www.blogguyz.com and get a Free WordPress Website to do all my Design & Product Research. If I wish to keep the site it only costs $20 a month. If I sign up before the 45 Day Trail Ends I get access to 2 Really Helpful Bonuses. Access to my own Support Ticket System and Project Management System to help chart my launch.

I take the Free Traffic Course to set up my lead magnet, Once my site is up and running and my land page is generating some hits with my free offer I can move on.

When launching a product a squeeze page that will sit on the front page of your 45 Day Trial Website will collect leads before your product launches. You should be contacting these leads with awesome content, leaks of your product, and more up until the day of launch.

To ensure my Product Launch runs smoothly, I also contact Chris at blogguyzchris@gmail.com and ask for a Free Trial of his Project Management Suite. Here I can try it before I buy it.

Once you have your squeeze page setup, then you can begin.

45 Days Before Launch:  Social Media Advertising And Research

I do all of my social media advertising and research 45 days before my launch. That way they have plenty of time to get into circulation. This isn’t something you want to do before the day your site launches. Just by running a few inexpensive social media ads, you will find out if you have a product or just a dream.

I will mail postcards out to existing customers and also to my affiliates. I will tell them about my upcoming product launch and ask if I could, “Count” in their support. This will tell me if I have something or not.

40 Days Before Launch:  Blog like crazy

A blog can bring traffic in many ways. It’s the #1 thing to get you started. So about 40 days before the launch, I set up two different blogs. One blog is for End users and the other is for Resellers. My Resellers blog is nothing more than website pages directed at 1 or 2 Related Selling Points and case studies about how this new product has or can help clients.

35 Days Before Launch: Time To Get Social

Things are about to start getting crazy and there’s a lot that you’re going to have to be doing in the next 35 days. This is why you should have your product, sales letters, and any sales materials totally complete 40 days before you launch your site.

Yes, I know that sounds like a long time until you can start making money, but by doing it this way, you will have time to take all the right steps to make your launch as successful as it can be.

35 days before your product launches, it’s time to do some housekeeping

1. Start using the power of social networking

2. Start using the power of video

3. Start getting Guest Spots on Online Webcast and Podcasts

Knowing how to do it right is the real key to being successful with it. It’s not all about creating ebooks and letting people give them away. There’s a whole world of things viral marketing can be put to use for, and 35 days before you launch your product, you need to be harnessing this incredible traffic driving force.

30 Days Before Launch: Article Marketing

It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty here. You’ve got 30 days before your product goes live, and if you’ve done all of the above you should be generating leads from your squeeze page. Be sure to drive all traffic to one source. Make sure you are giving potential clients good content. In all the launch craziness, you don’t want to forget about them!

Okay, now is when you will want to hire someone to write as many articles on your niche as you can possibly afford. If you can afford 100 articles, do it! Get ready to send out Product Sneak Peak to a few trusted reviewers and they will tell you if your product is ready for Prime Time or not.

You’ll learn all about using articles and reviews for short-term and long-term traffic. Did you know you can use your articles to get immediate traffic, and if you do it correctly you can use them for long-term traffic too? It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

So either write or hire someone to write as many articles as you can and get sample products into the hand of a few reviews to see if you’re ready to launch.

With a Little Help From My Friends

This is a vital step. You can make so much more money by having affiliate partners and JV (joint venture) partners. Over 80% of my income comes from the sales that my affiliate and joint venture partners make. Imagine if I didn’t have them? I would be making 80% less than I do right now. Before you put together an affiliate or joint venture offer don’t cut yourself short. Be sure you can comfortably pay commissions and still offer great service.

The next 30 days are going to be like a whirlwind, but if you keep organized with a Project Management System, have a daily to-do list, and keep in contact with your leads from your squeeze page and your affiliates, you’re going to do just fine.

You should continue doing all of the above for the next 30 days. Yes, all the way up until the day you launch. A few days before you launch, you really need to put the viral marketing into gear. Come up with something crazy and wild to really get the attention of people.

Day 30 To Launch: The Day To Day Plan

Some of these tactics are going to be a repeat from above, but it’s because you can use them in both ways. There’s a lot of other tactics too, just let’s get started!

Day 30: Create a blog for both your regular traffic and for your JV and/or affiliate partners. This means creating two blogs or adding membership-only pages. Why?

Well, one you’re going to use for the promotion of your site, and one you’re going to use to keep JV partners and affiliate updates, and equipped with the tools and resources that they need.

Day 29: Make sure that you hire a trusted SEO service like SEO365 to have your site totally optimized for the search engines. This includes on-page and off-page optimization.

On the page, optimization would be anything you do directly to your site. Like putting your keywords into your title tags, your h tags, making sure they’re in your content, etc.

Off-page, optimization is anything you do off of your site such as getting links. We’ll talk about links in just a minute, but your on-page factors are very important and it all starts with keyword research.

Day 28: Now we’re going to talk about off-page search engine optimization and like I said, that’s all about getting links to your sites from other sites. This is not something you will just do on day 28. You will continually do it regularly. This is a vital part of getting huge amounts of traffic to your site.

Traffic Tip: Article marketing and Guest Blog Posting is a great way to get links to your sites by the way, so remember the resource I mentioned above about article marketing.

Day 27 Branding Starts: Above we talked about social networking sites. On day 27 pick the ones that you like best. Get accounts at them, get your profiles all set up, and start branding your product and website. Explore the different ways you can use social media to promote your product and site. Just like getting links, you’re not only going to use these sites on one day. You’ll use them on an ongoing and regular basis.

Day 26: Again, here is something we talked about above, so for reference refer to there. Today, you’re going to be using videos. Create two videos walk thru demonstrations. One for Endusers and One for Resellers to help them sell more. Upload them to Youtube and make the Reseller Video Private on Vimeo.

Day 25: We’ve already talked about getting traffic from article marketing, so I won’t bore you here again with that, but do refer back up to where we talked about it before to learn how to successfully do article marketing.

Today, you’ll need to have 20 articles written on the topic of your website. Once you have them, you’ll need to submit them to the article directories. There are tons of ways to do this with WordPress just watch the Youtube Video on Promoting your Blog Posts to Directories.  Here is a great video about promoting your products.

This is another tactic that will you do on an on going basis.

Day 24:  Today you’ll want to post to your regular blog, use Social bookmarking sites to bookmark your blog post.

Once you have done this, contact your affiliates and joint venture partners. Offer something useful to your JV blog that will help your affiliates and JV partners to promote your site for you.

Day 23: It’s going to be another full day today.  Use guest bloggers or pay someone to write 10 articles for you on the topic of your site, and submit them to the article directories.

Also, log into one of your social networking sites, find friends to add, update with some information about your site and the topic of your site to pull people into your site.

Create a Quick 2 Minute Elevator Pitch Video just to drive traffic.

Day 22: Today, you’ll take the video you created yesterday and upload it to all the video directories that you’ve joined. Remember not to get distracted with all the other videos. If you find a video that is related to the topic of your site, post it to your blog. Remember to bookmark the post and tag it.

Day 21: Usually your viral marketing ideas are going to take a couple of days to put into place, so continue working on that today. Get together some crazy offer or Early Bird Special.

Also, log into two of your social networking sites (different from the one on Day 23) and additional information about the topic of your site. This will help get traffic from the social networking site to your site.

Day 20:  Today you need to spend the entire day looking for new affiliate and joint venture partners. This is going to be an all-day task so do nothing but this. Offer Guest Blogging and Review Links

Day 19:  It’s time for some more articles. You can never have enough articles out there!

Day 18:  Time to blog again… Write a post for each of your blogs and remember to bookmark them.

Day 17:  Finish up your viral marketing idea, and put it into place.

Today it’s time to create two videos, so tomorrow you can submit them to all the video directories.

Make 2 Early Bird Special Videos one for the end-user and one for resellers to promote.

Day 16:  Today, you’re going to repeat part of day 21. Log in to two of your social networking sites and additional information about the topic of your site. This will help get traffic from the social networking site to your site. Make sure you’re constantly updating different social networking sites that you belong to. The more social networking sites you belong to, the more reach you have.

See if you can’t find some more social networking sites so you can create more accounts and reach new people.

Day 15: Repeat day 20 today. Today you need to spend the entire day looking for new affiliate and joint venture partners. This is going to be an all-day task so do nothing but this.

Day 14:  It’s time for some more articles. You can never have enough articles in circulation and by using what you’ve learned from my resource and you’ll be able to use article marketing to really suck some serious traffic in.

Day 13:  Time to blog again… Write a post for each of your blogs and bookmark the posts.

Day 12:  We’re really cooking now. Create two videos to submit to youtube tomorrow. You’ll also need to have 10 more articles written and submit those to the article directories.

Day 11:  Today, you’ll need to submit the two videos you created yesterday to youtube. They should be very short videos stating a singular problem and your product as the best solution. Don’t forget the tagline “Visit our Website at …..com and grab you Free (offer) Report Today.

If you found some new social networking sites on day 16, log in to those sites and add content related to your site, so you can get those people to your site. This is important because you want to reach as many people as you can and these social networking sites are great for that!

Day 10-1:

You should now have seen some serious traffic come in.

For the next 10 days, you need to be doing 2 things

1. Buying social media advertising

2. Finding more JV partners and affiliates

Make sure to test so that you’re not throwing your money away.

Once you’ve completed the 30 days, make your own 30-day plan. The initial setup of the blogs, join the social networking sites, and video directories are done. So make a 30-day plan where you do at least one of the things above each day.

Okay, that’s 30 days of a lot of work. Here’s the ugly truth though. It takes work to make money online. Don’t be fooled by people trying to sell you this or that where they are promising you overnight riches. It just doesn’t work that way.

What I’ve created for you here is a very workable plan. I’ve even given you the resources to learn how to do what I’ve outlined here, so the only thing stopping you at this point is you.

No matter if you’re launching a new site, or trying to get traffic to an existing site, your first step is taking action!

Best Wishes and Good Luck on your Next Launch.

Hope this helped:

Christopher Sciullo @CDSciullo blogguyzchris@gmail.com

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