5 Easy Steps To Getting Speaking Gigs Like An Expert


Determine your target audience

Start with knowing your niche audience. This is a vital factor because you can establish your relevance and better make your presence felt in the lives of those who really have a passion for the information that you hold and can share.

You will need to know who specifically will relate to your message.

Research organizations that have members of your target audience

Once you have determined which people will resonate with what you have to share, research what organizations, associations, and groups they would belong to. Create a directory of organizations along with the contact information of the person responsible for booking speakers for conferences, workshops etc.

Prepare a “1-minute” presentation highlighting who you are and how your speech can help people

If you’re trying to land speaking engagements with little to no prior experience, then create a presentation examining who you are and the way and manner your speech can assist your niche audience. Put together a compilation reel with highlights if you have some previous engagements under your belt.

If you are an Author and have a book that has been published or is soon to be released, is sure to include this information.

Contact those organizations and ask if you can give a speech to their members at one of their upcoming events

Make contact with organizer’s coordinator. Explain who you are and that you are a speaker. They will want to know the subject of your speaking so be prepared with a few highlights of your speech. Be sure to emphasize the value you would bring to their membership.

Ask if you may send them some marketing material. You want to have a summary of your “talk” and your bio ready to send to them.

Follow up with those contacts via email and send them marketing materials to remind them of the value your speech will bring to their membership

You can make this a simple email where you write “I wanted to checking-in again regarding potential guest speaking opportunities,” and then include the text from your previous email.

You may feel like a nag emailing someone two or three times, but it is important to remember that everyone is busy. However, some of the most successful live workshops or speaking engagements were with people multiple emails were sent to. Marketing materials must be sent to the targeted audience to emphasize the benefit each member will receive from your speech.

In conclusion, Gaining traction as a professional speaker takes time and hustle. You need to do much more than to hang out a shingle claiming that you are a Speaker. To be booked to speak consistently requires you to get out there and market yourself.


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