How Arnold Palmer and I saved the 1973 US Open

How Arnold Palmer and I saved the 1973 US Open

How Arnold Palmer and I saved the 1973 US Open is a True Story. It’s a Great Story of meeting my Childhood Hero and Introducing Him to My Dad,, my true hero.

How Arnold Palmer and I saved the 1973 US Open

On the morning of June 17, 1973, my father wakes me up, an hour before dawn. He needs me to go with him to a job site. This was not unusual for my father to take me with him to a job site on Sunday Mornings.

My father made sure the Construction Equipment was in working order for our family-owned Dan Sciullo Construction Company.  From Easter through Thanksgiving we worked. Winters were long and cold. Even though I was only 12 years old I was able-bodied enough to help my dad and shorten his workday.

After a quick stop to “The Yard” in Blawnox to pick up the “Good” pickup, off we went. In no time at all, we pulled up to the Security Gate at Oakmont Country Club. The Security Guard welcomed my Dad as if he were an old friend. “Thank God you’re here Big Jim”, gleamed the Security Guard.

The story really starts on Saturday night when the heavens opened and the rains poured. The course was waterlogged.

Later that night, while the Pro’s slept,

Later that night, while the Pro’s slept, the sprinkler system, installed partially by my family’s construction company, soaked an already partially flooded golf course. 

Walking to the Green on the Finishing 18th Hole the General Motors Corporation built an artificial lake complete with a Red 1974 Cadillac Coupe de Ville revolving on a platform.

As the waters from the rains and the sprinkler system raised the water level in the lake. Only one man could deliver the solution the Officials from The PGA, Oakmont, and General Motors needed, it was my Dad.

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eBay Money Making Guide

My eBay Money Making Guide

With a little bit of direction anyone can make money on eBay. I’ve personally have done over 1 Million Dollars in Sales on eBay from the bedroom of my apartment. This article will outline exactly how you can make make money on eBay.  The money making formula is simple:

  1. Find a Product to Sell
  2. Promote the Product on eBay
  3. Get paid thru PayPal
  4. Ship the Product via US Postal Service

That’s it.  See just how easy it is to sell a product on eBay.  So answer me this one simple question: If eBay is so simple why isn’t everyone doing it and making millions?

If you came here to find the Money Make Formula for Selling on eBay then here it is, you just got it… BUT… if you are looking to leave the rat race behind and start making some real money on eBay then continue reading this article. Continue reading eBay Money Making Guide

Finding a Niche Market Made Easy

Bniche-market-easyest Way to Find a Niches Market Made Easy

Niche marketing is a key to success for any website today.  In order for you to become a prominent influencer in any niche market you need to offer some kind of solution to a problem the entire group shares.

There have been many books, manuals, courses, and web sites developed, that focuses on niche marketing. It is easy to find solid resources on the Internet that can teach you how to make money with niche marketing.

Niche marketing online is a distinct segment of Internet marketing and is the quickest way to get maximum exposure if you know how to leverage the search engines to draw attention to your niche web site.

There’s many things you need to learn in order to be successful in your niche market.  This article will share with you the easiest way that I know to find a Niche Market.

First: Take a pen and a Piece of Paper look around your room and write down everything you see.

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Why I Learned to Love my Money Making Blog

Why I Learned to Love my Money Making Blog

First Off… I really love my Money Making Blog, I really do it’s just the word “Blog” that I’ve grown to hate.

I really dislike how certain folks can have kidnapped the English language and are holding it hostage, until we meet their demands.

When I attended College in the late 70’s, I was a Theater Major.  Now I’ll wait for all the snickering to stop… OKAY.  Let’s go on. As I was saying I was a Theater Major. Not Acting, Singing or Dancing I wanted to design Scenery and Lighting. I was pretty good at it. My goal was to design elaborate sets like the ones used in BenHur… not this latest piece of CG (Computer Generated) green screen crap, but actual Old School Architectural Marvels. That’s when it happened. The Director of a Play called me a “Techie”, I have never been more offended in my life.

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Writing a Proper Business Blog Posts Drives Traffic

blogs1Business Blog Posts Drives Traffic

I was recently asked, “Is blogging still powerful for business traffic?” There are basically 2 types of blogs posts that drive traffic, Business and Non-Business. Each is used for different reasons. However a Business site can feature Non-Business Blog Posts just as Non-Business Blogs can feature Business Blog Posts. We over refer to the types of sites a Business & Personal or Hobby Blogs. Each type of blog post drives traffic in it’s own way.

A Business Blog should be treated like a silent salesman. It should answer questions you clients may have about your product. Sometime the only thing separating a company from a sale would be a Blog Post directed at the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

This Post will give you a road map to follow to create Business Blog Posts that Drives Traffic.

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