Our Checklist for a Successful Blog

checklistWanting to create a Successful Blog is not a crazy idea. The desire to create a Successful Blog is sometimes not enough. How do you get your blog where you want it to be?  This article will give you some practical points to ponder before you sit down and create your own blog. Our Checklist: The Road Map, Shoes and A Guide.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

In order to create a successful blog you need a Prep Checklist.  When building something as simple as a blog, it’ s always  best to follow a Prep Checklist.  Proper Preparation  gives you the best shot at success. Before you start you journey you need 3 very important things, 1. A Road Map, 2. The Right Shoes and 3. A Guide.

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Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots


Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots

When Rob came to us for help with his website all he had was some Images and an Idea.  We helped Rob Build up His Pages and Content to appeal to his audience.

Rob had a Unique Product and Concept that had gone through several stages.

First his Gourmet BBQ Sauce was picked up by the regions largest grocery story chain. Rob’s Sauces appeared on the shelves in 20% of the stores 400+ Locations.

The Logistics of Supplying a Retailer as large as Giant Eagle forced Rob to reevaluate his product offering. He decided to turn to a Franchise Model when one of the country’s largest food operators stumbled upon Rob’s product and saw the potential.

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