Building Your Brand Basics

Discover your Purpose

What better to promote? Is it your Personal Brand or a Business? You need to answer this question with respect to your blog.  So what is the real questions?

  1. What is your blog about?
  2. What do you want it to achieve?

When push comes to shove there are only 2 words that will determine your path. Your Brand or Your Business.

History has proven that the best way to build a successful online business is the viability of a Blog. There are over a dozen of great free blogging platforms, but which one is right for you.

After all, these days almost everyone is trying to use the Internet to create their own professional or personal brand, applying words and images to share compelling stories.

If you are looking to create a personal brand or share your stories in blog form, no matter the topic, then Medium is a great place to start. This platform is also ideally suited for beginners or those who are new to the practice of blogging, thanks to its ease of use and its simplistic, single focus.

However, if you want a more advanced blog or are thinking about aspects such as customization, opt-in forms, SEO and eCommerce then is the only viable option. You must then determine which iteration of the platform you want to access, depending on your precise needs and core blogging objectives.

Use Medium to:

  • Start your first blog
  • Talk about important issues
  • Quickly build a personal brand
  • Share your writing skills with others

Use WordPress to:

  • Grow your blog
  • Create a website for a business
  • Monetize your blog
  • Get serious about your personal brand
  • Add eCommerce and sell to the world
In Short: The clear distinction between and Medium creates variable benefits across each platform, so your task is to clearly define your needs and make an informed choice. As a general rule, personal users should perhaps leverage Medium when starting out, whereas business owners will enjoy longer-term benefits through WordPress.
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