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How to Build a Successful Online Business

Build a Successful Online Business

To build a successful online business, you need to forget all the get rich quick ideas out there. That get rich quick stuff is just something created to separate you from your money by some Snake Oil Salesman. It’s also important for you to know that a cyberattack can ruin your online business, you can use all the solutions found on the Fortinet website to prevent that from happening. You can also rely on the cloud to keep your data intact. Learn more from companies like venyu about protecting your business data. In addition, when hiring employees for your online business, it is vital to include some background checks for a faster, safer, and smarter hiring decisions, you might want to visit sites like https://www.sterlingcheck.com/services/social-media/ for details.

I have created dozens of online businesses, some successful some not so much, but every one of them made money. Even successful entrepreneur Andy Defrancesco will to tell you that there is no secret to creating a successful online business. But there are some rules, that when applied, will increase your odds of making money online. I developed and easy way to get started online and it’s called The 5 Step Pitch.

The 5 Steps PITCH is a follows:

1. P is for Presence:

You need an app and a website, plain and simple. A Facebook Fan Page or Business Page will not do. You need a place to drive customers, clients and friends. Facebook will not deliver the type of Dynamic Promotion you need to succeed. Consider looking for an app development company like Xamarin App Development Company to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business.

A church friend of mine loves wine. He and his wife travels from winery to winery looking for those hidden gems. He came to me to see if he could start a business supplying local wines to weddings and fancy dinner parties. He choose 6 local wines and started to visit brides and grooms with this 6 bottles in hand explaining the benefits of each. He was paid about $2.00 per bottle and many of his orders were for more than 100 Bottles. Nice money for doing something you like.

He built his side business from the web page I built for him. After 2 years he tells me that his nephew said that he doesn’t need to pay me $240 a year anymore. He set up a Facebook Page and started to promote the brands to his friends and family. Then, he also hired IT services to manage his website (more info here). He also encouraged his clients to leave feedback on his page. Some was favorable and some was not so favorable. Some requested info about the wines and he happily gave them contact info to the wineries. Sales dropped as the brides went directly to the wineries and he ended up shutting down his business that generated over $6000 a year in extra income.  Could you use an extra $500 a month doing something you like. Would you pay $240 a year to make $6000.  Having a Proper Website Pays Unseen Dividends.


2. I is for Income: How are you planning on monetizing your website. Do you have a product or service to sell? How about and affiliate product to review or promote? Have you considered Pay Per Click Adsense Income? What are the main ways website generate revenue? What will you be using for communication? Investing in a business line is also a top priority,
3. T is for Traffic: Bring Customer from sites all over the web. Share your hobbies, interests and knowledge to generate revenue and drive traffic to a beautiful and organized Website.
4. C is for Content: Do you have a system where you can curate content for topics of interest quickly. Share that content to your main page and generate interest from your readers.
5. H is for History: Track Everything. Google Analytics is painfully confusing and I feel a bit inaccurate. You need to find a system that will give you the important number you need to make the hard choices.

There you have it, The 5 Step PITCH that will put you on your pathway to making money online. I know it sounds a lot harder then it actually is. But if you follow The 5 Step Pitch, you will be making money in less than 12 Months.

If you want to discuss you potential business feel free to email me at blogguyzchris@gmail.com and I will be happy to help you any way that I can.

Hope this article helps you to succeed in 2017





Your Competitor Says Sell To Us Or We Will Crush You

What should you do if a large competitor says, “Sell to us or we will crush you!”

Now is time of the year where large companies are looking for ways to “Maximize” Profits. Sometimes the executives and lower management flunkies have no clue on how to increase revenues… Until… some bright person says, “Hey, I saw this website that is selling products online to our top demographic. Should I contact them to see if they want to sell to us.”

That’s what happened to me. Been There ….. Done That…. I have the scares to prove it.

Anyone that wants your product want’s it for 2 Reason and 2 Reasons Only… well actually 3 so here we go.

Reason 1. You have a product that will help them make more money.

I actually had an exclusive deal to import a product from Spain. The Landed Cost of this product allowed me to undersell my competitors. My landed cost was $30 per unit and End Users Paid $210 + Shipping. My Distributors Paid $130 + Shipping. The Number 2 Ranked Company in my industry sold a similar product but paid almost double of what I was paying. They wanted that Product to increase there profits.

Reason 2: They get your Customer Data Base Cheap

I build a Distributor and Customer data base of over 10,000 buyers. Since the products I sold used special paper, they would buy their paper from me when they would run out.

By Purchasing my Company they got Access to my Overseas Suppliers and Contracts that increased profits and access to my 10,000 Plus active customer database. This is why Cost of Customer Acquisition & Lifetime Revenue is so important to know.

It cost me $7.00 to acquire a new end user that was good for about $2300 in lifetime revenue. My database consisted of about 8000 customers at a cost of $56,000 to acquire and $1.84 Million. Distributors cost even less at $3.00 and I had about 2000 Active Distributors who were good for about $10,000 a Year on the low end. That a lifetime of about $2 Million in revenue.

After my 5th year in business I was at about $750,000 in Total sales almost 25% of the way to my customers lifetime revenue. I had over 20 warehouses at that point, and handling all of them was no cinch, except for switching your business supplier as that can be done in a jiffy.

The Number 2 Company offered me a Salary of $40,000 a year plus 35% of the Profit for each sale I made. I was also able to keep my home office and they would pay my rent and all utilities plus my healthcare. My Pay Package was almost $60,000 a year.

In Return I would give them my customer database and company website and name. I would give them access to all overseas contacts and contracts. In exchange I would sign a 3 year Non-Compete. My wife didn’t like me working on my own, it was feast or famine, so I took the deal. It lasted a total of 6 Weeks before the owner of the Number 2 Company fired me. Almost overnight I had lost everything and even worse I was out of the industry for 3 years.

After the 3 years I did come back but never gained the steam I had in the past.

They played me like a fiddle. I gave them almost 3 Million in revenue for $6000

Reason 3: To avoid a lawsuit.

You have something that they want to use and claim it as their own. In order to use your information and data they buy you. Why would Microsoft Buy Skype or Linkin? To gain access to their customer base for more customers to offer their product to.

What would I have done batter?

Looking back I would have asked for more. I would have asked for an initial payment of 3 Years of salary (Matching the Non-Compete Time Span). At my rate of $40,000 a year they would have had to pay me $120,000 up front.

Using my yearly sales totals I would calculate the 35% commission and divide that number by the Big Companies Yearly Sales to get a Percentage. I would then doubled that number to give me some negotiation room. Let’s say that number is 4%. I would ask to receive 4 Percent of Gross Revenue Quarterly. This company did over 12 Million a year in sales and my cut would be $480,000 a year so even at 1/4 of a Percent that would be over $7500 per quarter.

I would offer to work as an Independent Sales Consultant that would go to customers on Big Deals and help them close the sales for 3% of the total sale.

Prior to working for this company I ran 3 large national sales thru them. Each sale was close to 1 Million Dollars. It took them over 8 months to pay me my commission since the CEO has a rule that no commission could be higher than his weekly paycheck.

In Conclusion: Flattery will get you nowhere.

I was flattered that a company as big as that big company would be interested in little ole me. They wine and dined me and kissed my ass just enough to take my company. It was like taking candy from a baby. I let me guard down since I had a long history of making money for this company.

If you get an offer then take this advise into consideration:

Don’t fall in love with your business but fall in love with what you do.

Protect yourself if they want you to sign a Non-Compete Agreement by making your selling price equivalent to that length of the Non-Compete.

Position yourself into getting paid a percentage for Gross Revenue Quarterly.

Success is not easy. Just offer a solution and people will find you.

I hope this article will help you in the future.


Christopher D. Sciullo

Owner: www.blogguyz.com


Making Money Online 4 Things to Know

Making Money Online 4 Things to Know

Billions of people use the Internet and social media for life, to shop and for business. Today, you have the opportunity to tell millions of potential customers how your business can help their lives. Will your products solve their biggest problems? The opportunity, tools and access are there. Too many online entrepreneurs are making very little to no money in their business.

There is a ton of competition, unclear and a lack of focus. If you want to build a successful online business there are four things you need to realize. Your online business can make an impact and income. Here is a quick article about online business and money.  

1. Money isn’t everything, but it is important.

As soon as there is an article like this, there will be a line of people ready to scream “money isn’t everything.” You’re right, it’s not, but you better believe it is an important part of the success of your business. It also allows you a life free of financial stress. When you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck or worse, you can’t focus the way you should. You are constantly worried about paying the bills or losing your foundation and that causes you to react instead of implementing a focused plan. 

You need money to pay your bills. You need money to support your family and your lifestyle. You need money to do some of the fun things in life — like travel. It’s not everything, but without it, you could end up stuck in a business and life you want to escape from. Don’t make money your main motivator to start or grow your business, but respect what it can do for you and learn to use it to in a way that benefits your life and helps you accomplish your goals. 

2. Money is an important component in freedom.

At the end of the day, most of us start businesses and become entrepreneurs to create freedom. We want to live life on our terms and have control of our most important asset: our time. This freedom allows us to do the things we want to do in life like spending more time with family, travel or fun hobbies. 

Having a steady and consistent revenue stream leads to freedom and allows us to do those things that we want to do without worrying. Start or grow a business that leads to you creating freedom. Use the income to help you accomplish your biggest life goals. Don’t be afraid or ashamed that you want certain things for your life. 

3. This shouldn’t be an expensive hobby

It’s shocking to hear the amount of money that is being spent on coaches, courses and masterminds that teach people how to build online businesses. The sad truth is someone can be very good at Facebook ads and create copy that makes you want to buy but all they know is Facebook ads — they have no clue how to build a profitable online business. 

You can spend a lot of money thinking you’ll learn that “one thing” that leads to impact and income but I’m afraid you’ll be sadly disappointed. Your online business should be a business and businesses make money. You should only invest in training, products, and services that will bring you more than what you paid. When you make this an expensive hobby, you create tension in your life and possibly your relationships. It takes you away from your goal of creating freedom. 

4. If you want money, ask for it

The one area of every business that needs improvement is sales. Failed entrepreneurs didn’t sell enough or were afraid to sell. If you don’t have a consistent sales/promotion plan, you can’t and won’t make more money. The reason why you don’t make the kind of income you want to make is that you aren’t asking for it enough through your sales. 

The reality online is that the organic reach of social media is very low. It will take people seeing your sales offers multiple times before they understand and process the information. Not everyone will read or get your emails when you send it. You will need to send multiple sales emails before people see them and process them. Sell and sell more than you feel comfortable. 

To build a thriving online business that leads to freedom, the business has to make money. Money is not the most important part of your business or life, but you do need it to live comfortably. Understand these four principles and make adjustments where you need to.


eBay Money Making Guide

My eBay Money Making Guide

With a little bit of direction anyone can make money on eBay. I’ve personally have done over 1 Million Dollars in Sales on eBay from the bedroom of my apartment. This article will outline exactly how you can make make money on eBay.  The money making formula is simple:

  1. Find a Product to Sell
  2. Promote the Product on eBay
  3. Get paid thru PayPal
  4. Ship the Product via US Postal Service

That’s it.  See just how easy it is to sell a product on eBay.  So answer me this one simple question: If eBay is so simple why isn’t everyone doing it and making millions?

If you came here to find the Money Make Formula for Selling on eBay then here it is, you just got it… BUT… if you are looking to leave the rat race behind and start making some real money on eBay then continue reading this article. Continue reading eBay Money Making Guide

Finding a Niche Market Made Easy

Bniche-market-easyest Way to Find a Niches Market Made Easy

Niche marketing is a key to success for any website today.  In order for you to become a prominent influencer in any niche market you need to offer some kind of solution to a problem the entire group shares.

There have been many books, manuals, courses, and web sites developed, that focuses on niche marketing. It is easy to find solid resources on the Internet that can teach you how to make money with niche marketing. Once you find that niche and want to start your marketing campaign, visit indexy to find tools and help for your seo marketing.

Niche marketing online is a distinct segment of Internet marketing and is the quickest way to get maximum exposure if you know how to leverage the search engines to draw attention to your niche web site. Web developers used to pick IDXBroker vs ihomefinder but that is changing.

There’s many things you need to learn in order to be successful in your niche market.  This article will share with you the easiest way that I know to find a Niche Market.

First: Take a pen and a Piece of Paper look around your room and write down everything you see.

Continue reading Finding a Niche Market Made Easy