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Finding a Niche Market Made Easy

Bniche-market-easyest Way to Find a Niches Market Made Easy

Niche marketing is a key to success for any website today.  In order for you to become a prominent influencer in any niche market you need to offer some kind of solution to a problem the entire group shares.

There have been many books, manuals, courses, and web sites developed, that focuses on niche marketing. It is easy to find solid resources on the Internet that can teach you how to make money with niche marketing. Once you find that niche and want to start your marketing campaign, visit indexy to find tools and help for your seo marketing.

Niche marketing online is a distinct segment of Internet marketing and is the quickest way to get maximum exposure if you know how to leverage the search engines to draw attention to your niche web site. Web developers used to pick IDXBroker vs ihomefinder but that is changing.

There’s many things you need to learn in order to be successful in your niche market.  This article will share with you the easiest way that I know to find a Niche Market.

First: Take a pen and a Piece of Paper look around your room and write down everything you see.

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Starting a business without a loan

Recently I was asked a question at a business seminar: I have an online business I want to accomplish but don’t have the fund or the resources for it. How can I startup a business without a loan? 
Firstly The Blog Guyz website is not a Political Website, however new business startups need to stop drinking the Kool-Aide given to them by the 1% that tells them they need a Business Loan to Start an Online Business. I will share with you exactly what you need to do and what I did to generate over $250,000 a year from a Spare Bedroom/Office in my house.
A low cost way to advertise your business is to do large format prints, there are to many options that you can choose to create an eye catching print that will attract your desire consumers.

Do I need a Business Action Plan?

Vision-e1409010262794I was recently asked,  Question: Do I need a Business Action Plan?

I have a great idea for a startup business. What steps do I need to take to get the plan in action?

  1. Check to see if someone else is already doing your business. This establishes if there is a need for your product or service and what the cost will be.
  2. Look for product reviews of your competition and see what folks are complaining about. Then offer the solution as a Unique Selling Point this will be your Value Position.

From question 1 you will see if there is a market for your product and if you can live off the profits you will make per sale. The answer to question number 2 will tell you what the customers are complaining about and if you can offer the same product but solve the solution to their complaint then you may indeed have some customers quite quickly.

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What Business Should I start?

i-quitWhat Business Should I Start was  a recent question I got and here is the full question and my reply. No matter what business, the success of every business begins with the basic steps and smallest concerns like getting the energy costs checked by BusinessEnergyUK.com.
I’m looking for a business idea. I am 23-year-old. I am currently working. But I want to start new business. I am thinking about to start automobile spare parts and accessories business. should I manufacture or sell the parts? Give suggestions and advice.

The Eternal Question asked by any TRUE Entrepreneur: What business should I start?

Congratulation at 23 you are a True Entreprenuer. Before we get started here is a peice of advise. Always keep your Eyes, Ears and Mind Open to ever arising opportunities. You never know when the Next Big Thing is knocking at your door.

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Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots


Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots

When Rob came to us for help with his website all he had was some Images and an Idea.  We helped Rob Build up His Pages and Content to appeal to his audience.

Rob had a Unique Product and Concept that had gone through several stages.

First his Gourmet BBQ Sauce was picked up by the regions largest grocery story chain. Rob’s Sauces appeared on the shelves in 20% of the stores 400+ Locations.

The Logistics of Supplying a Retailer as large as Giant Eagle forced Rob to reevaluate his product offering. He decided to turn to a Franchise Model when one of the country’s largest food operators stumbled upon Rob’s product and saw the potential.

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