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4 Keys to a Money-Making Sales Funnel

4 Keys to a Money-Making Funnel Page.

How do I use a money-making sales funnel page to promote my Amazon Associates affiliate links?

This is really a great question.

Funnel Pages Today are way different than the “Funnel Pages” of just a few years ago, now you can find more Bonuses here.

Key 1: A Singular Topic

You need to be laser-focused on offering a Singular Solution: Here is an example of a topic. How to Win at Blackjack. How to win at any online casino games specially on mobile games such as Thor Slots App, a fun online slot game that anyone can play.  You would use the Sales Funnel FrontPage to offer part of the solution. You would talk about the game and why you are the expert they need to trust. Then you would touch on your basic strategy of winning and what you can and will do with all the winning… Here is an example of a quick FrontPage Grabber.

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