Choosing the Right Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

 I was recently asked about WordPress Themes for Amazon Affiliates called the Amazon Associates Program. Here you are paid a percentage of each sale that comes thru your Website.

There are many Amazon Affiliate Templates available for use with your Amazon Associates Account.

You need to look at some of the paid templates since they have a lot of features that Amazon Looks for.

There are 2 Types of Tools Used by Amazon Associates

1. A Tool that Builds Products from a Category and Posts them to you site

2. A SAAS (Software As A Service) grabs the products and builds them up on a website hosted by the software maker.

It’s hard to say what is the best choice.

We reviews of about 8 Product we have used in the past and recommend. Any why you go at least go to our website for our Free Videos and The Amazon Disclaimer that must be on every page on your Amazon Associate Site.

In any event you should watch the video before you decide to become an Amazon Associate.

Here is a great video I found about the 5 Most Common Reason People Get Banned from Amazon.

You can check it out here: Top 5 Amazon Associate Mistakes – Azon Affiliate Platform (Top 5 Amazon Associate Mistakes – Azon Affiliate Platform)

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