eBay Money Making Guide

My eBay Money Making Guide

With a little bit of direction anyone can make money on eBay. I’ve personally have done over 1 Million Dollars in Sales on eBay from the bedroom of my apartment. This article will outline exactly how you can make make money on eBay.  The money making formula is simple:

  1. Find a Product to Sell
  2. Promote the Product on eBay
  3. Get paid thru PayPal
  4. Ship the Product via US Postal Service

That’s it.  See just how easy it is to sell a product on eBay.  So answer me this one simple question: If eBay is so simple why isn’t everyone doing it and making millions?

If you came here to find the Money Make Formula for Selling on eBay then here it is, you just got it… BUT… if you are looking to leave the rat race behind and start making some real money on eBay then continue reading this article.

Goal #1 Start Building a Business not a Hobby

You see hundreds of people every month treating their eBay Business like a Hobby.  There is nothing wrong with that however, my experience tells me that until you are read to go all in a Hobby is not the way to go.

The first step in all of this is for you to get a PayPal account. WRONG!

The Counterclockwise way is to get a good domain name and email account. 

When you start to build your online business you will need some kind of name that is easy to remembers. So why is getting a Domain name important? You PayPal account is attached to your name. Here is an example: I have a website that sells Gold Prospecting Equipment called www.coolgoldtools.com my PayPal email is chris@coolgoldtools.com  When an eBay clients wins one of my Gold Prospecting Tool Auctions they see my name and email. An easy to remember email is going to be vital in your business.

I know a lot of places recommend you use “Your Name” and I think that is a big mistake. Unless you are selling your personal services like Coaching or Training then using your name is a bad idea. Even Ron Popeil, the greatest salesman of all time, doesn’t use his name. When you buy from him he promotes his brand “Ronco”. You need to start thinking like Ron Popeil and start promoting your brand.

The Start of building any brand is 1. an Easy to Remember Domain Name, 2. Your Name @yourdomainname.com and finally a PayPal account set up using your domain email.

Having an easy to remember email address is just as important as a website. You can get a Domain name and 1 year of hosted email for a little over $20 a year. Check out  https://www.namecheap.com/  I use them but my domain name and email, but not for Website Hosting. Name Cheap offers: Domain Name $10.69 Year and Email sales@(your domain name).com 2 Free Months $9.88 year

A Very Important First Step Before You Start

Once you start to build your “Brand” your clients may want to get in touch with you about questions they may have. You don’t want to have them call your Home Phone, Cell Phone or Personal Email Address. I bought a fishing rod at Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon didn’t give me his home phone number or personal email address  and you shouldn’t either. It’s OK to let your business contact information be promoted online but let you “Private” information be just that, Private.  That includes Facebook.

I suggest you set up a Gmail Email account and a Google Voice account for phone calls. Both services are free.

You will need your Gmail Account to set up your domain name. Once you have your Domain Name and Email Set and Google Voice set up you can then get an eBay Account. I don’t recommend setting up a bank account for your online business just yet. User your current bank account when setting up your PayPal.

Don’t Miss This Very Important Step

You will not be able to sell like an eBay Pro until you get the limits lifted on your eBay account. Walk around your house and dig in your basement and garage for 10 Items that you would normally give away. Use Books, CD’s, DVD’s whatever. Some thing small that you can ship in a US Mail Priority Envelope. If you need to see what sizes are available from the post office, you can order an assortment of envelopes and have them sent to your home or just visit you local post office, they will help you.

Pack take a few pictures of the 10 items and post them on eBay. One every day and make the auction only 7 Day Auctions. When the item is won pack it and ship that same day if you can, if not do it the next day. This way the eBay Customer will give you a high ranking. Your goal hear is to have 10 successful auctions and get 10 Positive Feedbacks. This will help you to get your eBay Limits lifted.

Super eBay Seller Hint: Make the Starting Bid Price for each of your items the shipping. US Priority Mail has a “Fixed” Shipping Price. This way every sale will be a break even sale.

Don’t be discouraged if your item doesn’t sell, just list it again or use a different item. Selling the 10 Items for Profit is not the goal here. The Goal is to get the Limits Lifted.

This ends Part 1 of My “eBay Money Making Guide” stay tuned for part 2 or if you want my Make Money Selling eBay series email to you just click on the link below and get my Turn Your Computer into a Cash Machine EBook as well.

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Until we meet again this is your Old Buddy Chris wishing you the very best in everything you do.

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