Elementor and Gutenberg is There a Future

Elementor and Gutenberg is There a Future

With WordPress 5.0 is just around the corner and a lot of people are wondering if we’ll see Gutenberg replace page builders like Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder. In this post, I will speculate on what’s likely to come next for page builders in the world of WordPress 5.

Firstly, this subject is pretty hard to cover. I have to be totally impartial with my answers. So many Website Designers, such as myself, make my living from working with clients on building websites. Right now, we know that Elementor is writing hooks into Gutenberg, but will that be a mistake.

Is Gutenberg, WordPress’s last chance to Monetize?

Gutenberg has the look and feel of Elementor.  But does WordPress do a disservice by trying to be all things to everbody. I guess that owning the biggest chunk of Blog sites is just not enough. Perhaps the “Executive Spirit” of WordPress is just tired of watching all those around them getting rich. How much longer will WordPress be expected to offer and support a free platform open to all, enabling others to get rich, except WordPress.

Will Gutenberg Become Ransomware?

The though of a WordPress Lite scares me.  There is really no way to force users to become fans of Gutenberg Site Builder or Editor. Almost every feature Gutenberg uses has the look and feel of Elementor. Companies like WIX offers paid plans that give you added features. Medium is an option that is still lacking commerce. Who know what TheGrid.io is up to these days. Where do you turn after your client spends thousands on an eCommerce site with integrated email marketing.

Small Problems with Gutenberg Today

Like most page builders, when you “Deactivate” there plugin all the editing goes away as well. Below you will see a site that I set up quickly to show you what happens. These are actual images from that site. See how the Editing of the Text Fonts Change when Gutenberg is Deactivated.


This is the page after Gutenberg is Deactivated.

I’m sure this will be fixed soon. But until them upgrading clients to Gutenberg could spell trouble.

The Same Test With Elementor

When you Deactivate Elementor some if not all of your Editing continues to stay on the page.

The Only thing we lose by Deactivating Elementor is the Red Background Color in that section as seen in the image below.

So Where Do You Move Your Clients?

I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that we’ll see Gutenberg replace page builders. For some users, especially newbies to WordPress, Gutenberg will do the job well enough that they won’t feel the need to seek out a page builder. Where Gutenberg can end up replacing page builders is with the clients.

For the page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi, they will see their lead over Gutenberg start to slip away. The page builders aren’t just waiting for Gutenberg to take the lead, they keep building and making headway with innovation and integration.

For that very reason I don’t see Gutenberg replacing page builders any time soon.  But don’t let too much time go by before you pull the trigger on Gutenberg take your time and invest in a test site. Tell us what you think?



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