Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots


Case Study: Rob’s Rib Shots

When Rob came to us for help with his website all he had was some Images and an Idea.  We helped Rob Build up His Pages and Content to appeal to his audience.

Rob had a Unique Product and Concept that had gone through several stages.

First his Gourmet BBQ Sauce was picked up by the regions largest grocery story chain. Rob’s Sauces appeared on the shelves in 20% of the stores 400+ Locations.

The Logistics of Supplying a Retailer as large as Giant Eagle forced Rob to reevaluate his product offering. He decided to turn to a Franchise Model when one of the country’s largest food operators stumbled upon Rob’s product and saw the potential.

Rob’s new business partner and adviser recommend Rob find an internet company that can help him bring his product to market.  I had known Rob for over 30 years and he turned to me for help. Rob is a very hand on person and wanted complete control of the product and marketing. He just wanted some help in creating content.

Since Rob was a friend it was kinda weird to charge him for training but he said that nothing is free and he fully expects to pay me my going rate for my Basic Website Concept, Design and Copywriting. (Cost: $399.00)


Robs content and website started to take shape. Rob wanted an easier way to update information on his website so we moved to the WordPress Platform.  We hosted Rob’s WordPress Website on our Blog Guyz Managed WordPress Platform. (Cost $20.00 a Month) and we worked with Rob to understand how WordPress Works.

Rob grew tired of testing and updated his site so he decided to get our Gold Hosting Package for $50 a month. Our Gold Hosting includes Blog Guyz Monitoring, Updating and Support.  Rob’s site was coming together.


As Rob would surf his competitions websites, he would email us the look and features on websites he wanted to emulate on his website. Since he was a Gold Hosting Customer we would gladly check and test themes (Fee $20 Per Theme) to see if they firstly would enhance his website and promote his concept. Secondly we would check plugins (Fee $30 Per Plugin) for security issues, conflicts, bugs and usability. There is no worse feeling then installing a plugin that locks up your entire website.

Rob signed up for our Copywrite Like a Rock Star Course (Cost $19.00). He started to polish his copy and get to the point. With new theme in hand we helped Rob switch themes and update information on his new WordPress Site. Rob wanted to add some more color and we Mentored him in building his new site.


Finally Rob realized the benefit of using The Blog Guyz and Hired Us to Build His Current Site when he wanted to add a mobile responsive theme, Email Form, Email Marketing and a Professional Video to his site.

The Total Cost of Rob’s Project including the Video was a little over $1200. He pays a monthly fee of $50.00 to have us maintain and host his site. At $600 a year Rob is really pleased with what we have done for his business.

During the first 3 month Rob has seen an increase in visitor and 47 actual inquiries spending $0 in Advertising and Promotion. Here is Rob’s New Mobile Responsive Website.


No Matter the size of your website or what you want to accomplish Blog Guyz has a solution that will fit you needs and budget. Our Basic Hosting Service with access to our 90+ Premium WordPress Themes and 70+ Plugins is onlye $20 a month after your 45 Day Free Trial.

You can use our additional services and classes or choose any number of qualified Mentors and Instructors from Blog Guyz Galaxy of Instructors.