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Topic: Cambria County Arts & Heritage Festival in cooperation with Cambria County Leaders.

Dear Friends in Cambria County:

Laurel Highlands Historical Village is located in Cambria County. Back when we started our efforts, in 2002 we had one simple goal historical Preservation.  To walk the mountains that surround Johnstown, is like stepping back in time, where you can see scattered about the forest floor the old foundations that once housed those pioneers who worked to clear the lands and harvest the timber.  The fact is that most of the original Pioneers, who worked so hard in Cambria County, and our surrounding counties, are becoming lost in time. Their stories, their work ethics, their music, their way of life are slowing disappearing. We also have to look at Cambria County and ask ourselves, those in our community how did they survive the test of time? We want to not only show case the families who can trace their roots back many generations, but the business we have, our cities, our townships, and others. We have always valued the role of preservation in preserving community character and honoring those who came before us. Our civic ancestors built the structures that dot our landscapes today and some remain. However most of the story is fading.  Our focus areas include: Farming, Conservation, Music, Food, Dance, Home Crafting, Timber, woodworking, and other crafts of the time.  We then look to where we are today, and ask the question where are we headed. We also want this event to be a positive event whereby we say “Be  proud of who you are, Be proud to say I live in Cambria County.” It’s time to address that disparity. In 2018 Laurel Highlands Historical Village is expanding the opportunities available for historic preservation.   Preservation programs offerings will mirror the programs available for arts and heritage organizations, to take part in a first for Cambria County as we host the first ever Cambria County Heritage Festival.

For two days next September Saturday the 15thand Sunday the 16th we invite you, your Community; your Church, your school, your business, your ethnic trade, and your reenactors, to join with others as we recreate a moment lost in time.  A time to show case our history, and our progress forward to where we are today. We want to invite anyone and everyone to show case our Cambria County History.  The event will take place at Duman Park north of route 422 on route 271.  The park will be divided into segments including music, dance, sports, reenactments, static displays of history, Educational stages, food vendors, arts vendors, crafting vendors, living historical displays, and much more. We welcome 4-H groups, FFA, ethnic groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, farmers, loggers, musicians, musical group, churches, historical groups, Police and fire departments, Horses,  and others who are proud to say I live in Cambria County. We will be planning a group meeting at the court house in the weeks ahead, to organize groups and team leaders.

This is going to provide an opportunity to not only show case your past but also show case your community today and its future. We encourage our townships, our cities, or towns, and municipalities to join us as we come together to show case our County. Our goal is to market the event in Pittsburgh, State College, Altoona and other locations. Please feel free to share this information as we are seeking those individuals and groups who would like to be a part of this historical making event. Also note we are in need of volunteers to help on that day. If you know of anyone or groups who would like to help out please contact us asap.   Keep in mind we also need vendors, crafting, food, arts, artisans, applications are located on our web site.

Ronald J Shawley

Executive Director & Founding Member


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Arts & Heritage Festival Update

Laurel Highlands Historical Village in cooperation with Cambria County and its leaders is seeking sponsors for their upcoming Cambria County Arts & Heritage Festival. The location for the festival is Duman Park. This is a county owned park that exemplifies the beauty and history of Cambria County.This festival is a first of it’s kind, it will showcase our past and future as we preserve family values and promote our region.

Come be a part of the excitement. This will be an opportunity to showcase your business. Opportunities are available in a variety of ways. Gold Sponsor of $5,000 or more will be included in all our advertisements. These sponsors will also be given a free booth for both days Saturday September 15  10am to dusk and Sunday September 16 from 10am to 6pm.

We welcome you to sponsor one of our ethnic musical groups. We hope to have artisans performing tasks from our past. These may include woodworking, spinning of wool for scarfs and sweaters, pottery making, military reenactments, butter churning, quilting, preparation of ethnic foods, musicians and more. We are expecting  local dance troupes, free roaming actors and actresses in period attire, educational elements including FFA. Farm bureau, Boy Scouts and other county agencies.

We also have Silver sponsors of $1,000 to $4,999.

And Bronze sponsors of $999 or less.

If you are interested , please call Patti Defibaugh at 814-288-7017 after 5pm or Ron Shawley at 814-241-6123. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase Cambria County Arts & Heritage and with your help this dream can become reality.