Finding a Niche Market Made Easy

Bniche-market-easyest Way to Find a Niches Market Made Easy

Niche marketing is a key to success for any website today.  In order for you to become a prominent influencer in any niche market you need to offer some kind of solution to a problem the entire group shares.

There have been many books, manuals, courses, and web sites developed, that focuses on niche marketing. It is easy to find solid resources on the Internet that can teach you how to make money with niche marketing. Once you find that niche and want to start your marketing campaign, visit indexy to find tools and help for your seo marketing.

Niche marketing online is a distinct segment of Internet marketing and is the quickest way to get maximum exposure if you know how to leverage the search engines to draw attention to your niche web site. Web developers used to pick IDXBroker vs ihomefinder but that is changing.

There’s many things you need to learn in order to be successful in your niche market.  This article will share with you the easiest way that I know to find a Niche Market.

First: Take a pen and a Piece of Paper look around your room and write down everything you see.

From artwork on the walls to item in a cabinet or on a shelf. Go to the next room. Do this in every room. basement, attic, garage, back yard, front yard ect.

Family Portrait
Framed Needle Point Picture
Framed Hand Drawn Images
Tiffany Lamp
Sony Flat Screen

Second: Take your list and add to the front of the words:

“I Am An Expert In… “

I Am An Expert In Family Portrait
I Am An Expert In Framed Needle Point Picture
I Am An Expert In Framed Hand Drawn Images
I Am An Expert In Tiffany Lamp
I Am An Expert In Sony Flat Screen

Third: Cross off the Items you don’t feel you could be an expert in.

This will give you lists of items that you can find niche markets. It’s just that easy.

validate-information-209x300How to Explore and Validate your Niche Market

Now say I want to be an Expert in Tiffany Lamps.

  1. Go to YouTube type in “Tiffany Lamps”
  2. Click Filters on the top left side of the video list
  3. Go to last column go to View Count

This will tell you how popular this item is… Sadly you will see on the top only 6000 total videos. The highest rated video has 66,000 views and the numbers go down from there.

  • Not a Good Niche


Let’s Try Needle Point… Ah Ha … 82,000 videos with the highest being 724,000 views…

  • This would be a Good Niche to start
  • Visit the Local Club or Groups in person and be quiet.

Visit these group but keep you mouth shut or don’t comment. You are just looking for what everyone is talking about.

Remember, in order for your website to be successful, in a niche market, you’ll need to offer a solution for that niche market.

Go to Find your people – Meetup and see if there are Any Groups in your area and visit a local meeting. and see how many Needle Point Groups their are.

  • Here is an actual true story that happened to me

I had a hobby but sadly my heath keeps me from participating in that hobby any longer. Fortunately when I started there was a local group 40 miles away. I went to their meeting and found that all of them had the same problem. They talked about a product in there market that wasn’t rugged enough and kept falling apart.

I did some research on that product and made a different but more robust unit that worked better and was more rugged then the competitors version.

I shot a video of my unit in action and posted it on Youtube. I called the group’s VP & President and asked if I could Present New & Improved Product the Next Month.

At the Next Months Meeting I had my Prototype in Hand and set up a demo area. I first showed my Youtube Video that showed the unit in action and invited everyone up to try my product.

My competitor unit sold for $99. I sold mine for $150 but gave a $30 Club Discount. Of the 35 Members that were at that meeting that morning…12 handed over $120 on the spot (Total: $1440). My cost per unit was $30 so the $120 I collect gave me $1080 in profit enough to cover my club membership fees and a Website to sell my product.

  • That Website is Still Running Strong

That very same website is was launched in August 2011 and still running strong. It generated over $200 a month in Affiliate Revenue, though visitors have slowed a bit. In 18 months from launch my site was averaging over 10,000 page views a month and generating over $3000 a month in revenue from direct sales of products and affiliate marketing.

My Youtube video generates $70 a month in Adsense revenue and I’m well on my way to 1 Million Views.

If there is no local group for your niche check out Facebook Groups and see if there are clubs nationally.

Not very niche market will have clubs or groups.

Once you find a niche market you must offer a solution to a common problem shared by a large percentage of the group. Promote your solution to the groups and clubs first.

  • Why is it so much easier today

Since the internet has opened the door for self promotion, clubs and groups are now easier to find.

Building a Website, with a way for people to order online, cost me over $900 back in 2011. With WordPress you could build your own site with a way for people to order online for a fraction of the cost.

Build your own website at for free to test the market. After the trial period your website will only cost $20 a month. If the niche market is not very active then just drop the site at no cost to you.

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