Alaska Treasure Seekers

The Alaska Treasure Seekers Society

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We are an organization dedicated to family outings in search of lost or discarded items from the past. We enjoy searching legally and with permission for coins, relics, and artifacts. Most of us use metal detectors in this endeavor, but it helps to have a “nose” for the past to make your outings more productive. If you are a person interested in poking around old mine tailings, gold-bearing creeks, city parks and school grounds for gold, coins, and jewelry, then this organization is for you.
Story about a spring hunt (from AMDS site)

More about us!

Our members are coin seekers, relic hunters and gold prospectors. Some are all the above!
We are located in Alaska, primarily in the Anchorage, Eagle River and Matanuska Valley areas, but welcome metal detecting enthusiasts from everywhere.
The club has regular meetings every month through the summer with the last meeting and elections at the big year end party. Meetings resume again in April. There are door prizes for members at the meetings, competition for “finds of the month” and occasional guest speakers.
The club hosts an Annual and Fall hunt open to everyone from anywhere. It is a lot of fun!
At the Annual hunt you use your metal detector to find coins and tokens to trade for prizes ranging anywhere from new hats to new metal detectors. The Annual Hunt is held at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer, Alaska, in the horse arenas so there is good sand to bury coins and tokens and fairly easy hunting. We also have other events like X marks the spot to hone pinpointing skills, gold pan tossing and speed panning. 2018 will mark our 42nd annual hunt!
The Fall hunt is usually at a local park, involving woods and grass instead of sand. There are buried coins and tokens and/or a scavenger hunt where various items of trash are randomly awarded points. High points are awarded prizes. It is a way to encourage cleaning up the parks.
All hunts involve good food, a friendly atmosphere and children are welcome, but have to be at least 12 years of age to hunt unless special permission is granted.
The club has a buddy list for people looking for like-minded hunters to take to the field with. If you don’t want to hunt alone you can join the club and add your name to the list or find a buddy on it.
We are interested in getting you involved in the hobby of metal detecting or just having you join at our hunts. We can’t guarantee success in finding treasure, but we can offer you some good times and plenty of advice and friendship when you join us in this very rewarding hobby.
Source: Alaska Treasure Seekers

Roadrunner Prospectors Club

Welcome to the Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club     RRPC was founded in 1982 as a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, family-oriented club dedicated to gold mining in the state of Arizona. Members enjoy access to over 270 gold producing claims encompassing more than 5500 acres of land in Arizona. Some claims are on creeks in the cool mountain pines while others are in the desert foothills; and after a fun day of prospecting, members may keep all the gold they find.     RRPC provides members with placer mining claims and educational opportunities to learn and practice various methods of prospecting for gold.  Socially, in addition to the monthly meetings with guest speakers, the club sponsors several annual outings that include the Spring Picnic, a coin hunt, and planned backhoe digs.  We wrap up the year with a Christmas Gathering which includes dinner, entertainment, gold nugget drawings, and lots of fun.Mission Statement:The goal of the Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club is to educate members and the public in regard to recreational prospecting, including governmental jurisdictions, environmental issues, and laws that we are mandated to follow.Vision Statement:The vision of the Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club is to educate the members and to bestow on future generations the needed knowledge to continue recreational prospecting in an environmentally friendly way.Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about the RRPC. If you have any questions email us at: rrpc-office@roadrunnergold.comOffice Phone: 602-274-2521(for faster response email: Monthly Meeting LocationThe American Italian Club7509 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, Arizona(Third Thursday of each month, 7 pm)** No Meeting in December – Merry Christmas **
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Collection Regulations and Gold Panning Wrangell – St Elias National Park & Preserve (U.S. National Park Service)

Collection Regulations and Gold Panning


In general, visitors are not allowed to take items from national parks. However, parks in Alaska are different than other national parks, and there are some provisions that allow visitors to take certain items. All National Park Service regulations are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), title 36. Alaska-specific provisions are in CFR title 36, chapter 13.

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Sixmile Creek Public Mining Site Alaska

Sixmile Creek Public Mining Site Alaska

Steve Herschbach

By Steve Herschbach

  • June 26, 2018

Sixmile Creek Gold Panning Area

Early prospectors named Sixmile Creek because the creek was about six miles up Turnagain Arm from Cook Inlet. Gold was discovered in Sixmile Creek in 1895. In the 1930s, hydraulic mining was attempted. In recent years, there were several small suction dredge operations.

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Petersville Recreational Mining Area Alaska

The Petersville Recreational Mining Area

The Petersville Recreational Mining Area has been set aside by the state of Alaska so people can experience some of the thrill of prospecting for gold. The site generally has smaller gold but some dredgers have done well at finding larger pieces. A nugget weighing just under 1/2 ounce was reported by a suction dredger in 2003. Bedrock around the bridge is a good place for the casual panner to find a little gold by scraping out pockets and crevices. The bedrock has streaks of iron mineral and there are graphite slate hot rocks here that make metal detecting a major challenge.

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Alaska Gold Panning Bureau of Land Management

Programs: Recreation: Recreation Activities: Alaska: Gold PanningRecreational Gold Panning and Rockhounding There is still gold in them thar hills! The lure of gold is what brought the miners to Alaska over 100 years ago and is still attracting folks searching for that elusive nugget today. Gold panning and prospecting, if not lucrative can be a fun outdoor entertainment for almost every age.

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Nome Offshore Mining Information

Nome Offshore Mining Information


Nome Offshore East and West Beach Recreational Mining Areas

The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining, Land and Water, hereby gives notice that May 31, 2019 will be the deadline for the division to receive offshore suction dredge applications from miners interested in mining in the Nome offshore east and west beach public mining areas during calendar year 2016. This deadline is being implemented as a precautionary measure to mitigate potential safety concerns, prevent overcrowding, and provide for efficient processing of the permits and effective management of the two public mining areas.

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Jack Wade Creek Gold Panning Area  Alaska

Jack Wade Creek Gold Panning Area, Alaska

Steve Herschbach

By Steve Herschbach

July 1, 2018

Jack Wade Creek runs along the Taylor Highway a few miles north of Chicken, Alaska. It has a long mining history. Jack Wade Creek is open to recreational gold panning from one-quarter mile (0.4 km) upstream of the Walker Fork Campground to the mining claims near Milepost 85. No permits are required. Panning is not allowed on adjacent mining claims.

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Indian Valley Mine Indian, Alaska

We’d love for you to connect with us online. We occasionally share fun photos of wildlife on the property, group activities, and GOLD!


A short 20-minute drive from Anchorage, Alaska on Seward Highway, one of America’s most beautiful scenic byways.

*** We have ducks, geese, chickens, and turkeys. Please do NOT bring your pets. ***

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Independence Mine State Park Alaska

Independence Mine State Historical Park

GOLD! A magic word that time cannot tarnish; a soft metal with the strength to forge history. Gold was the magnet that drew thousands of adventurers to the last frontier. Though most Alaskans recognize that gold played an important part in Alaska’s history, they normally think first of Nome, Fairbanks, or the Iditarod country. But even before a quarter-of-a-million gold seekers began their stampede into those famous areas, gold was discovered just southeast of Anchorage in 1886. From there prospectors spread into the Susitna and Matanuska river basins, testing the creeks in the nearby mountains.

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