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Public Gold Mining Areas in Alaska

Public Gold Mining Areas in Alaska

If you are coming to Alaska on a vacation, you probably will ask the question, “Where can I go look for GOLD while I visit?” I have compiled a list of places to accomplish that on this page. I will continue to add information here as I find time. Don’t hesitate to send me e-mail if you require more information. I may not be able to obtain it for you but probably can tell you where to get what you need. If there is information you would like to see here that I have not included, let me know.

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D and J 1 Sierra CA


California Regulations

Prospecting on private property requires the land owner’s permission.

Prospecting (other than panning) on National Forest lands may require a Notice of Intent or a formal Plan of Operation. Panning does NOT require a permit. Check wiht the District Ranger for specific regulations and guidelines.

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His & His #1 & #2 Boise ID

HIS & HIS #1 & #2  BOISE, ID

IDAHO Regualtaions

The alteration of stream channels by using recreational mining equipment in a stream is regulated in Idaho by the Stream Channel Protection Act.

Recreational mining equipment can be any implement that is used to dig, scrape, dredge, or otherwise move stream bed materials from below the mean high watermark in search of minerals.

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