Clackamette Mineral and Gem

Clackamette Mineral and Gem

The Clackamette Gem and Mineral Club promotes interest in the lapidary arts and earth sciences through collecting gems, education, sharing and presentation of their annual Rock and Gem Show.
Meetings are held at Kraxberger Hall in the Zion Lutheran Church basement, 720 Jefferson St., Oregon City, OR.

Annual Show – October
Monthly Meetings – Third Tuesday of each month @ 7:00 PM

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Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild

Columbia-Willamette Faceters’ Guild The CWFG is a nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon and dedicated to the advancement of faceting gemstones through education. We are a diversified mix of Master cutters, professional members and hobbyists. The guild provides the educational and personal assistance for the Novice and Advanced craftsman. See Join CWFG above for information on meetings (visitors always welcome). The Guild sponsors faceting classes, monthly seminars, workshops, competitions and awards of merit, all to support and promote the standards of faceting excellence. Visit Events and Classes for more info and see  the Meeting Schedule for details on upcoming meetings and things you may have missed. Facilities, educational programs, and activities of the Guild are financed primarily through membership dues, participation in the Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show, and by the CWFG Annual Gem Auction. The Guild has developed an extensive lending library of periodicals, video tapes, and reference books on Faceting, Gemology and Mineralogy. The Guild also has gem testing instruments to aid the scientific needs of our faceters. We encourage all members to generously share their time and experience to make our Guild activities the best they can be! If you have any suggestions, corrections, or experience broken links, please send a message to any of the officers via our contact page.

The Columbia-Willamette Faceters’ Guild is dedicated to the advancement of faceting gemstones through education. They are a diversified mix of Master cutters, professional members and hobbyists. The guild provides educational and personal assistance for the Novice and Advanced craftsman.
Meetings are held at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, 1945 SE Water Ave., Portland, OR.Annual Show – November
Newsletter – Facets
Monthly Meetings – First Tuesday of each month @ 7:30 PM

Source: Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild

Millennium Diggers Club In The Pacific Northwest

Millennium Diggers Club is a new group located in Yamhill County, Oregon. The club is for people that share an interest in searching for things of value. The clubs charter is to provide members with a non-profit club that will help promote the hobbies of metal detecting, prospecting, rock hounding and treasure hunting. We have a mining claim program that will acquire claims for members that choose that option. We plan on having people with expertise in locating gold, silver, coins, jewelry, gemstones, indian artifacts, fossils and more, share information at club meetings. No matter what type artifacts or treasures you enjoy searching for, our club is responsive to your needs. Please join us for our on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for our meetings.

The Millennium Diggers Club seeks to provide members with a club that will help promote the hobbies of metal detecting, prospecting, rock hounding, and treasure hunting.
Meetings are held at the Clear Lake United Methodist Church, 920 Marks Dr., Keizer, OR.Newsletter – Millennium Diggers Club
Monthly Meetings – Fourth Thursday of each month @ 7:00 PM

Source: Millennium Diggers Club In The Pacific Northwest

NARG Paleo Home Page

Welcome to online home of the North America Research Group (NARG) Dedicated to scientific research and public education; NARG is structured as an IRS non-profit public charitable 501(c) (3) organization. Our Origin: Around a campfire in the summer of 2004 five fossil hunters discussed how they might contribute to science as they pursued their passion. This core crew collaborated to develop the North America Research Group. Since our inception, and in a very short period of time, NARG has grown into a diverse and dynamic group of men and women sharing a mutual respect and passion for geoscientific study and fossil collecting. Our international membership of over a hundred ranges from 10 to 80+ years in age. This adventurous consortium of individuals has an amazing variety of backgrounds, interests, hobbies, educations, and professions; including biology, oceanography, paleontology, paleobotany, and geology. NARG sponsors the NW Fossil Fest and participates in many programs and shows devoted to public education. We collaborate with university scientists and museums to enhance and promote research. Significant specimens are donated to recognized museums to insure they remain in the scientific and public domain. We believe that research and boots-on-the-ground exploration will locate the next great specimen in our region. Join us in search of the next new species. They are out there!

The mission of the North America Research Group is to encourage responsible stewardship of earth’s paleontological resources; to promote scientific research, communication and public education.
Meetings are held at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, 26385 NW Groveland Dr., Hillsboro, OR.Annual Show – August
Newsletter – NARG Newsletter
Monthly Meetings – First Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 PM

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OAMS – Oregon Agate&Mineral Society

OAMS - Established 1933Enjoy Lifelong Discoveries of Earth’s Treasures In what other hobby can you spend pittance and travel the country in a perpetual Easter Egg Hunt? The Rock Hobby has something for everybody at any time. And when you tire of one thing, the Rock Hobby gives you something else to enjoy. Do you like combing beaches for a translucent stone that glows when you hold it up to the sun? In the Rock Hobby, you can polish your finds to golden, blue, and clear orbs that can sit on your shelves, stand collected in jars, or shimmer in a fountain.

Do you like hunting and then digging out of the ground globe-like thundereggs that hold a different picture in each when sawed in half? In the Rock Hobby, you can easily build your own high-speed sander and polisher to bring out the hidden shine that makes the thunderegg’s picture glisten. Do you like shaping the hundreds of different types of geological material – jaspers, agates, quartz, and more – into ovals, squares, and crosses to show or place in a belt buckle, on a necklace, or earring? Oregon Agate has renowned cabochon artists you can learn from. If you like making jewelry out of precious stones; if you like faceting gemstones; or if you just like getting down and dirty, digging for buried treasure, the Rock Hobby is for you. And when you tire of cutting and polishing thundereggs, you can make cabochons. When you’ve filled your walls with trophies from cabochon competition, you can cut and polish petrified wood. And when your wood pile can hold no more, you can make jewelry to keep and give to family and friends. They will always enjoy a gift of a brilliant, colorful, or picturesque stone formed over millions of years and made by your hand.

Source: OAMS – Oregon Agate&Mineral Society

Oregon Coast Agate Club – Home

Welcome to the online home of the Oregon Coast Agate Club Founded in 1939, the Oregon Coast Agate Club is a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, and the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies. For a link to the NFMS website, go to our resources page    We meet at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the   Central Lincoln PUD Bldg 2129 N Coast Hwy 101 Newport, OR 97365    Guests are always welcome, so please join us!   Don Carr is our Club President. If you have any questions about club membership please contact Don at  George Mazeika is our web “master”. If you have any questions or are having problems navigating the site, contact George at . It’s all about Rocks, and Fossils, and Gemstones Agates- Banded,Cloud,Fortification,Fossil, Sagenite – Carnelian, Sard, Common Opal, Petrified Wood, Fossil Shells, Jaspers of every variety-Red, Yellow, Bloodstone, Fancy, Fancy Pink-   The beaches of Oregons Central Coast are a constantly renewing source of beautiful specimens no matter what your interest.   Beyond the beaches,the mineral treasures of Oregon- Sunstones, Obsidian, Fossils, Thundereggs, Picture Jaspers- Morrisonite, Biggs, Wildhorse…and so much more! A wealth of Natural wonders.   Among our club memebers are Cabachon cutters, Facetors, Fossil and Mineral collectors, Wire Wrap Jewelry crafters and more. If you have an interest in any of these, then we invite you come visit and join us. No matter what your level of interest or experience, you will always find someone to talk to, get help and advice about your latest project.

Source: Oregon Coast Agate Club – Home

Rock and Arrowhead Club of Klamath Falls

The purpose of the Rogue Gem & Geology Club is to foster healthful fellowship among its members while pursuing the activities and knowledge of the earth sciences and to serve the community by introducing its young people and adults to the wonders of the mineral world.
Meetings are held at the Fruitdale Grange, 960 Rogue River Hwy, Grants Pass, OR.

Monthly Meetings – First Wednesday of each month @ 7:30 PM

Source: Rock and Arrowhead Club of Klamath Falls

Crater Rock Museum — Crater Rock Museum

Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral SocietyCrater Rock Museum Crater Rock Museum houses the finest displays of rocks, minerals and gems on the West Coast. Exhibits include a collection of world-class minerals, collection of petrified woods, fossils, Native American artifacts, and much more! The museum gift shop is filled with the works of local artists from the Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Society. The museum started out as a humble “shack” where locals could visit and perhaps ask about an interesting rock, or to gather around as a group and share “rock hounding” stories. It’s grown a lot since then. In fact, we’ve recently completed our expansion project that began in 2003.

Crater Rock Museum

The original 5,400 square foot museum is now more than 12,000 square feet, housing community meeting rooms, a larger gift shop, workshop, and exhibit areas. Guided tours are available by appointment. We also offer meeting facilities to house one-time gatherings, or on-going weekly or monthly business sessions. Who We Are The operation and development of the Crater Rock Museum has been entrusted to the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Society. RAGMS is organized as a non-profit corporation: Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral, Inc. Hours & Admission Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm Admission: Adults -$7;  Students – $6; Seniors & Veterans – $5; Family of 2 Adults, 2 Children (over 6) – $20; Children 6 years old and under, Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Society and Museum members – FREE!

Crater Rock Museum 2002 Scenic Avenue Central Point, OR 97502 541-664-6081 Mission Statement The mission of Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral, Inc. dba Crater Rock Museum is to educate and enlighten people of all ages through the study of earth sciences, geology, lapidary, mineralogy, natural history, and paleontology by conducting tours, teaching classes, and maintaining museum displays.

Source: Crater Rock Museum — Crater Rock Museum

South Douglas Gem and Mineral Club

661 Riverside Dr Myrtle Creek, Oregon Get Directions South Douglas Gem and Mineral Club Message Now Call (541) 530-6740 BUSINESS INFO Founded in June 1964 Mission The club was founded in June 1964 for the purpose of preserving, collecting, cutting and polishing natural stones and gemstones, promoting public interest and a… See More MORE INFO About Rockhounding season is here! General Information Our monthly meetings are held at the Myrtle Creek Grange Hall the first Monday of the Month at 7 P.M. Products Membership for 12 months is: Family $20, single person $15. These membership fees enable the family or person access to the club workshop equipment and the expertise of our workshop operators. There is also a monthly newsletter published for members.

Source: South Douglas Gem and Mineral Club – About

Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club

Location Springfield, Oregon, United States
Introduction The Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club meets at the Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 West “C” Street, in Springfield, Oregon 97477 on the second Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August which is our annual picnic month. At 6:30 p.m. a Show-and-Tell session precedes the meeting which starts at 7:00 p.m. JOIN US!
Interests Rockhounding, Faceting of Gemstones, Lapidary Work, Field Trips to collect semi-precious stones

Source: Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club

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