Georgia Rivers and Creeks

Rivers and Creeks

Below is a list of the best rivers and creeks for gold prospecting. If you can find any sign of old mining activity, then you’re probably in a good spot.
If you live in North Georgia, then it’s best to join a prospecting club because they can tell you what all the local laws and regulations are. They also have their own member-only prospecting areas.

Etowah River

Located in Cherokee County, this river runs through most of North Georgia- including the city of Dahlonega. On this river you get fresh water that comes in through the North Georgia mountains. Placer deposits were found here back in the mining days.
There are also several different tributaries and creeks that make for good hunting spots.

Little River

The Little River is a tributary of the Etowah River, and the banks around this River can provide placer gold. Back in the day there were plenty of old mining operations nearby.

Chattahoochee River

Located in White County, this river is 430 miles long. There are several other small creeks in the area that drain into the Chattahoochee River. This river and any nearby creeks have gold-panning potential, as White County was a key area during the gold boom.
There are also some National Forests located on this river where you can camp out and take your time panning.

Chestatee River

The Chestatee River is is a major tributary of the Chattahoochee River. It had several mines back during the peak of the Georgia gold rush.

Tesnatee Creek

The Tesnatee Creek is a tributary to the Chestatee River. It looks more like a river because of its width, but technically it’s a stream. This stream is where several old mines once operated.
Source: Gold Panning in Georgia | Learn About the Best Spots for Prospecting

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