A Good Idea for Blogging Beginners

whalesI was recently asked a question: I am planning to start a blog but I am so confused about topics? Is blogging about “gadget” a good idea for beginner?

Of course blogging about a “gadget” is a good idea but keep in mind the big picture.

My experience has shown me that there are only 3 types of Blogs.

  1. The Hobby Blogger
  2. The Content Publisher
  3. The Sales Professional

1: The Hobby Blogger is a confusing term. It’s not someone that writes blogs about a hobby. Any person that writes a Blog to entertain his or her audience and asks for nothing in return is a Hobby Blogger. If you blog without the expectation of getting financial reward or profit from your blog then it is a Hobby. What’s nice about Hobby Blogging is that the format may be a little more looser and the topic can change quickly. The best thing about a Hobby Blog is an unexpected financial reward or publicity. A recent blog I have does about $100 a month of “Non-Intentional” Revenue. Hobby Bloggers can also offer solutions to problems.

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2: The Content Publisher writes sometime for the sake of writing. Content Bloggers write to Engage, Entertain & Educate their audiences. A lot of Book Authors start by writing a blog since a blog can get “Immediate” Feedback from the reader. Content Publishers do a lot of Educational Publishing. The articles may be something as simple as a product review, book or movie review. Political and Humor Blogs are just as popular as Historic Blogs. Find your audience and start Publishing Content. It is not unusual Content Publisher to offer classes and online courses. But there is Skill Success that can help learn online a lot more.

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3: Finally our Sales Professional, again a misleading title. Anytime someone pays you for a product of service you offer no longer make you an amateur but a Professional. A WordPress Website offers your the ability to offer your goods and services online.

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Hope this helped:

Christopher Sciullo @CDSciullo blogguyzchris@gmail.com

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