The Impaired Driving Program was created by a concerned educator, Tom Menna. Mr. Menna is a current teacher and performer. His dream was to develop a programs that combines his love of performance and his disire to educate into a life changing experience for our children.

The Impaired Driving Program brings a hands-on educational experience to the schools.

Too often we hear the sad stories of young adults getting behind the wheel thinking that they are invincible and in total control. The unfortunate end result is a story that we are all too familiar with. Another young life lost or a promising future ruined. Today young adults are not only facing impaired driving situations due to alcohol and drug use but also cell phones and texting distractions. All the safety factors built into today’s high tech vehicles are not going to replace the sound judgment placed in the hands of a young driver.

The Impaired Driving Awareness Program utilizes a high tech, computer controlled, simulator. The simulator places the direct response of the, electric powered vehicle, in the hands of it’s human driver. This is not a video screen with a computer-generated image or some crazy goggles that so many school have used in the past. This simulator will give actual real-life feedback to the driver in a controlled, safe, secure environment.

Most school districts are faced with tight budget cuts and limited funding. The cost of bringing a program like this without some form of outside funding is cost prohibitive. The goal would be to alleviate the majority of expenses per presentation to the schools by finding companies willing to cover some of the expenses.

Typical costs per presentation range from $2000 for a local presentation to $2500 per presentation dependent on travel and number of presentations.

As a Sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to be an active participant in the presentation. Asking questions and creating fun audience engagement.

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