About Our Special Car

Our Electric Car has a max speed of 8 MPH and can be stopped at any time by the course monitor. Our car is outfitted with some “Special Features” that emulate “Real World Distractions” that many young drivers face every time they get behind the wheel.

How the Program Works

  1. A Road Course is set up in the Gymnasium.
  2. A select group of students will be chosen as drivers.
  3. The drivers will be timed diving the course Non-Impaired vs Impaired
  4. They will drive our Electric Car 1 Practice Lap and 1 Timed Lap
  5. The Best Lap Times minus infractions are posted
  6. Prizes will be awarded by the sponsor for Best Times (ie T-Shirts, Ice Scrapers, etc …)

Here is Where Our Sponsors Come In

In this next segment, you will have a chance to award “Bonus Time” to drivers by correctly answering a series of questions based on misconceptions, PA Insurance, Impaired Driving and DUI Laws. Contestants may call upon friends in the stands to assist them with answering correctly. Bonus time is awarded for each correct answer.


This is a very important. The educational aspect of the challenge is to dispel many of the misconceptions of young drivers. Bonus Times are awarded and calculated. New lap times are adjusted and displayed.

The Challenge

The Drivers will be given an opportunity to better their first lap time to win the “Jackpot”.  Any Driver beating their Base Time will be awarded the Jackpot. At this time the oversize $10,000 check is introduced and the competition gets serious.

Our intrepid drivers get back behind the wheel. This time they will attempt to complete the course and beat their established lap times. However this time they will be challenged by our computer controlled road hazards, while completing simple impaired driving tasks.  Each Driver will have to open and receive a cell phone call, send a text message while loud music is blasting and annoying fog machine simulating vaping.

While the idea of actually winning the Jackpot is exciting and grabs the students attention, in actuality there is no possible way to win. The lesson learned that no matter how empowered you may feel there is no way to come out a winner as an impaired driver.

Concluding the Program

At the end of the program, you will be given the chance to offer handouts to the students that will be driving soon. You are welcome to include your contact information and on the handouts. You should also recommend their parents contact you to talk about their Auto Insurance needs so there will be no delay once they get their Permit or Drivers Licence.