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I have worked with countless bloggers and read countless blogs. One thing that is common to most bloggers is that they started as hobby bloggers. In fact, when I started my own journey as a blogger, I started as a hobby blogger myself!

If I had to describe a hobby blogger, it would be someone who writes about multiple subjects – someone who blogs about anything and everything. There is no set of rules and no topic limitations on such a blog, and this is probably the best way to jump into the field of blogging. After all, this is often how we discover our passion.

Most hobby bloggers started a blog to share what they know, their thoughts, philosophies or ideas, or to simply rant about various issues. Rarely will you find a hobby blogger worrying about matters such as SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) optimal site design and Google Search Rankings. What matters most to the hobby blogger is how many people are reading their blog, or how many visits they are getting. WordPress themes are different for every user, goes on to describe the steps that you need to know which one works better for you.

Does this sound like your story? If so, then you are a hobby blogger.

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