Our Checklist for a Successful Blog

checklistWanting to create a Successful Blog is not a crazy idea. The desire to create a Successful Blog is sometimes not enough. How do you get your blog where you want it to be?  This article will give you some practical points to ponder before you sit down and create your own blog. Our Checklist: The Road Map, Shoes and A Guide.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

In order to create a successful blog you need a Prep Checklist.  When building something as simple as a blog, it’ s always  best to follow a Prep Checklist.  Proper Preparation  gives you the best shot at success. Before you start you journey you need 3 very important things, 1. A Road Map, 2. The Right Shoes and 3. A Guide.

  1. A Road Map

You have heard it hundreds of times, “If you think like a success you will be a success!” This is not entirely true. You can dream of all the great things money, time or intelligence can bring to you, but unless you have action your dreams will one be dreams. Is dreaming enough?

You can dream all day and have the desire to do all the work you need to succeed but if you lack direction you will just be spinning your wheels. So many people have the dream and desire to succeed but they lack direction. You need a map to succeed. But where do you get a map?  Here is a hint, beware of where you buy your map.

I went to visit my brother in California and bought a map to the stars house from one of those street vendors. They didn’t even speak English but when I asked if the map is current all he said was, “Si, Si”. I parted with the $20 bucks and headed to the closest coffee shop.

The coffee shop became the base of operations for us to make a plan to see only the hottest stars. We opened the map and got really excited when  upon closer examination, Cary Grant’s Mansion was clearly marked. In our excitement we realized that we may have been taken. Cary Grant died 30 Years ago. Other homes if dead movie stars populated our map. My brother got mad and said he will never trust another street vendor again, except for the Taco Truck Guy.

The scruffy looking guy with the long lens digital camera was snickering at us. “Yinz Boys from Pixsburgh”, he asked, “I could tell from your Pittsburgh Accent. Whaa par-dove dee burg is yinz jagoffs from n nat?” (Translation: What part of Pittsburgh are you idiots from.) A fellow Yinzer. He was one of those guys that chase celebrates around and take pictures of them that he sells to the highest bidder.

He then said something I will never forget. He said, “Let me give you a little piece of advise. If you want to see the stars don’t go to the guy that sells the maps. Just follow the guys with the camera. His livelihood is based solely in his ability to Find the Stars.” He was really a pretty cool guy.

Since that time almost every project that I have started I have used this advise. Instead of getting a book or guide on how to succeed at a particular task, I find the guys that are successful and learn from them. This is perhaps the greatest Time Saving Secret. This strategy for success is so simple people often overlook it. More on this later.

If you are thinking of starting a Blog then I would suggest you sign up for our 30 Day Free Blog Video Training and Free Blog Trial.  We have included all the Premium WordPress Themes and Plugin that we use and that have helped us create our successful blogs.  We have also included video training that allows you to learn at your own pace. As always personal 1 of 1 coaching is also available.  Now on to Step 2.

2. The Right Shoes. In a recent episode of Modern Family, the group went to Disney Land and Gloria wore really sexy high heels. Part way thru the day she was in so much pain that Jay bought he a pair of Minnie Mouse Shoes. Here is the youtube video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB6FpgnDwGM

Having the right tools makes the difference between having an enjoyable time and a miserable time. Some other Free Website Offers give you Really Sexy Interface that can be a real pain. Sometimes using well though out tools and processes is like Walking on a Cloud.

3. A Guide

Beware of The Snake Oil Salesman.  Today the internet is full of Snake Oil Salesman often hiding behind the title of Internet Marketing Expert. Most of these folks want only one thing and that is to separate you from your hard earned money.

I was recently asked to be a panelist on an Online Webinar about “Starting an Online Business on a Shoestring Budget”.

The host of the Webinar was one of the many folks that started his online business with our company. He talked about free service like Wix.com. He found them to be very confusing. He then opened the panel for discussion.

Along with myself he also invited an Internet Marketing Expert and a Website Developer.

Right from the start the Internet Marketing monopolized the microphone. She hammered home her advise over and over again and again. Click her special link and sign up for a Host Gator WordPress Hosting account. Once setup Log into CPanel and install this list of Free WordPress Themes and this list of Free WordPress Plugins. Join her Special Membership Club to get an exclusive list of what Free WordPress Themes and Plugins Conflict with each other and crash your website. You will also have access to Videos and Articles about starting and online business. Her membership also gives you ability to Purchase some of her Special Product Offers ranging in price from $17 to $199.00 to help you build your business. Lastly, she recommends that you sign up for her Business Building Program that will write and submit articles on your blog that will drive traffic to your site.

She then proceeded to tear down Wix.com and my WordPress Offer and Platform. She said that there was no difference between my Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins and her Free ones except my Premium Themes and Plugins have little if any conflicts with each other. 

She ended up her pitch with the standard statement, “If you can’t afford to spend $20 a month in Hosting, another $19 Bucks to join my membership club to access my videos and articles plus access to Product Specials and another $68 dollars for Premium Website Content then you shouldn’t be in business to begin with. Anyone that doesn’t want to spend at least $110 Dollars a month to have an online business then you should forget about any kind of online business.

Next up was this guy from a Web Design Firm that will build you a “Custom Website”. He also slandered the idea of a Free 30 Day Trial to see if there is a market for a business idea. He claimed that with his systems it will take about 3-6 months to complete a preliminary website. He stated that it would take about 18 Months before the site would be completely finished. When questioned about expense he said that an average website cost $5000-$8000 Dollars Yearly and about $300 a month to maintain. He also said that anyone not willing to spend $10,000 a year for a website should not even think about having an online business.

Finally it was our turn and I simply said that for $20 a month you can build your own WordPress Website and if you want to sell products you can. We will give you all the coaching and help you need but only if you ask for it. We will always have great free ebooks, videos and online training that you will never have to pay for, as long as you host your website on our platform for $20 a month.

Both of the other presenters laughed at our offer and said no one could ever succeed on our platform. At that point I asked them if the thought our Webinar Host had a successful online presence and business.  They both said that his business and website were great. I then asked to Webinar Host to tell them how he started.

The Host proceeded to tell the panel how he signed up for our 30 Day Free Blog Video Training and Free Blog Trial. At the end of the 30 Days he had a website that was nice and started to get some traffic. He paid just $20 a month to keep the site going and when he had questions he mentioned how helpful we were.  He was with us until recently when his website was growing he decided to move to it’s own dedicated server, hosted by us. He now pays $30 a Month for a site that includes not only his blog but a complete eCommerce, email and video marketing system.

I asked him if he could do it all over again would he?  He said yes and with the 30 Day Free Offer he could take a business idea and try it for 30 Days to test the market.  Almost every time his Webinar is viewed we get a new customer. Nine out of Ten folks, just like you, sign up for the Free 30 Day Trail. Almost all of those trial customers become members and happily pay $20 a month for our service.

Some Guides will try to lead you down a path that leads right to your bank account. They won’t be happy until they take everything you have. You can tell the Scam Artists right away by this simple statement, “If you can’t afford to spend (X Amount) of Dollars on your business every month, then you shouldn’t be in business.” If your Guide, Coach or Trainer says that to you then run as fast as you can.

In conclusion, look for the Coaches and Trainers that charge a fair fee and truly rejoice with you, when you succeed. Make sure you get the right tools and training to help you succeed. Start to map your direction with someone who know the way and wants you to succeed without spending a penny.

If you want to get started I only have 1 Question:  What’s Stopping You?   Take our 30 Day Free Blog Video Training and Free Blog Trial and start building your online empire today.



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