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We want everyone that has come to this website to succeed and make more money than ever online. I know that my 5 Step PITCH works because I use it everyday.  Once the system is set up it only take a few minutes a day to add new content. The process is simple. I take a glance at my calendar to see what topics I will be tackling that day then post. I have some great tools that make finding, creating and sharing content as easy as clicking my mouse.

posting-costToday I posted New Articles on 4 of my sites in just 9 Minutes and 15 Seconds. I even updated information on another site.  If I had to pay a website consultant to do this it would have cost me $15 (A Website Consultant is Paid $90 an Hour in my Area) just to post the Content to the 4 sites. I would have still had to create the content.

From start to finish 9 Minutes is about average. I spend about 10 minutes a day finding content then posting it to my website. Sometime if  I have a light day, I will take an hour or 2 to create the article and post it.

Sometimes I want to create a Product Special that matches the post so that will take some extra time but too much time. As you can see from my Goolge AdSence I generate about $188.53 in just one form of income. This doesn’t show revenue from my other sources. Trust me when I say it’s well worth my 10 Minutes a day.

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