PS4 Slim review A smaller, sexier console with few compromises Ars Technica

The PS4 Slim was announced alongside the 4K-capable PlayStation Pro at the company’s 2016 PlayStation Meeting event. For more on the PlayStation Pro, check out our coverage from the event.Unlike Microsoft’s compact console offering, the Xbox One S, the new smaller, slimmer, less glossy PlayStation 4 doesn’t support 4K (UHD) resolution. It doesn’t have a 4K Blu-ray player, nor does it feature slightly faster graphics processing than its bigger brother. Instead, the new PS4 (which replaces the old one) is much like the PS3 Slim: a leaner version of an existing console.That’s no bad thing. When it goes on sale on September 15 the 500GB version of the new PS4 Slim will retail for £259/$299. That price means the new PS4 costs largely the same as the old one, and some features have been cut despite the lack of price reduction. That said, they’re not ones most players will miss. In fact, after a week playing around with the new PS4, I’d even say some of those cuts have made it more attractive.

Source: PS4 Slim review: A smaller, sexier console with few compromises | Ars Technica

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