Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Review

The PS4 Slim (given the technical title of CUH-2000) represents the new standard PlayStation 4 console. It’s a hardware revamp that incorporates a makeover of both console and controller.Physically, it’s a big change, but functionally this PS4 is the exact same as the console that you either already own or was thinking about buying before Sony gave it a makeover. That’s not a terrible thing, though: while there’s no 4K Blu-ray player or bump in game performance to shout about (unlike with the Xbox One S), it’s quieter, leaner and less power hungry than its older brothers, making it a decent upgrade.However, consumers now also have the choice of buying the PS4 Pro, which boasts a significant boost to performance, 4K gaming and even frame rate improvements for existing games, making the Slim the lesser (but cheaper) console.

Source: Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) Review | Trusted Reviews

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