Start a Fire With a Magnifying Glass Using Natural Tinder

During my six month survival expedition in the wilderness I practised a reliable, and fast technique for starting a fire with a fresnel lens. This articles focuses on how to start a fire with a magnifying glass using only common, natural materials.Making a tinder bundle for magnifying lens fires requires better materials than a tinder bundle for a friction fire. So starting fires with a magnifying glass is an excellent way of learning how to blow a small coal or ember to flame, be it to re-start a fire from remaining embers or to start a new one with a bow drill or hand drill.To start a fire with a magnifying glass using natural tinder I make a bird nest using two layers of tinder and one of fine kindling. When I can’t find the three different layers I build it using only two layers, but I don’t find it as reliable in difficult conditions.Outer Layer

Source: Start a Fire With a Magnifying Glass Using Natural Tinder – Survival Skills Guide

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