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Different World Views of Art

December 10, 2018 Site Admin 0

It’s an analysis of the various schools of art. Artistic trends like naturalism, romanticism, impressionism, surrealism and postmodern art have been explained. Read More »

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The Alien World

December 2, 2018 Site Admin 0

A one-script scene about an Alien World. The main characters struggle in fantasy world as they find it to be too real. The suspense in […]

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Letting It Go

November 30, 2018 Site Admin 0

Carlos telephoned me because he wanted to hear from his father, Gustavo, who’d died several years ago. At the beginning of our session, he told […]

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A Love Letter

November 26, 2018 Site Admin 0

From My Heart to Your Heart, May we recognize the Divine Love’s presence. May we see each other as One. Read More »

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Guide on What Is Fable

November 24, 2018 Site Admin 0

Many people confuse fables with fabricated stories but fables actually refer to stories that feature animals as the protagonists. Many popular children stories are fables, […]