What Business Should I start?

i-quitWhat Business Should I Start was  a recent question I got and here is the full question and my reply,
I’m looking for a business idea. I am 23-year-old. I am currently working. But I want to start new business. I am thinking about to start automobile spare parts and accessories business. should I manufacture or sell the parts? Give suggestions and advice.

The Eternal Question asked by any TRUE Entrepreneur: What business should I start?

Congratulation at 23 you are a True Entreprenuer. Before we get started here is a peice of advise. Always keep your Eyes, Ears and Mind Open to ever arising opportunities. You never know when the Next Big Thing is knocking at your door.

I would Suggest you run with the Automobile Spare Parts Business but…. Specialize on one thing. A Friend of Mine has a business that caters only to Corvettes. People buy his Corvetter parts from all over the country. However if you own a Corvette Newer than 2000 you are out of luck because he specializes in Pre-2K Corvettes.

This actually does 2 things. He only sell parts for Corvettes when they were in their heyday. By selling parts that are almost 20 years old he commands a premium price, you see these parts are not old parts then are Classic Parts.

Hang around in some of the Forums or Facebook Car Group and see what the collectors are having trouble with. Then start building an Imaginary Parts List of the most coveted and hard to find parts. Build a vendor list start in a Facebook group or a forum telling the group that you just stumbled upon an extra set of (Hard to Get Item) anyone interested please contact me at: EMAIL.

Best of Luck

Hope this helped:

Christopher Sciullo @CDSciullo blogguyzchris@gmail.com

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