Why Millenials Want To Be Internet Marketers

groupselfieI was recently asked, “What is up with millennials all wanting to be internet marketers all of a sudden?” I am seeing so many millennials wanting to take internet marketing than ever before. Do they all find internet marketing the quickest way to become rich? Why don’t they go into tech or medical where they are paid more and have more respect instead of marketing.

Here was my Reply:

You are correct in noticing that millennials are “Embracing” Internet Marketing. …

My Granddaughter opened up a Website on our Service a little over a week ago. She has affiliate links to the places where she buys her clothes. She has made about $27 so far in just 2 days. That is $13.00 a Day or $4700 a year if she does nothing more then what she is doing now which is…. Taking A Selfie of What she is Wearing that day. That’s it… nothing more.

If someone would pay you $400 a month to take a selfie of what you are wearing every day wouldn’t you? How much better would your apartment be for an extra $400 a month.  How much better would your car be for $400 a month. How many more concerts or vacations would you go on if you had an extra $400 a month. This is why Millennials do this. It’s all about the lifestyle today… not the future.

This is why so many Millennials are flocking to Internet Marketing.

BTW….. The Service that I give my GrandDaughter for Free would cost the average person $20 a Month. Spending $20 a month to Make $400 is a good investment wouldn’t you think so?  She is about to start buying her own clothes for a change, that will save $100’s a month.  Her online success is actually a windfall for me.

Everyone Wins Here!

I will even let you try it for Free for 45 Days to see if Internet Marketing is for you. Check out our website at 6 Second WordPress Website – 6 Second Websites

Hope this helped:

Christopher Sciullo @CDSciullo blogguyzchris@gmail.com

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