Just been speaking to a Million Dollar Internet Marketer – it’s amazing that most people either don’t know, don’t apply or are too lazy to get the basics right… Yet this is the #1 Skill you HAVE to learn if you are running an on-line business. It is important whether you are a blogger, a marketer, a business owner or if you send emails on behalf of your business.

We were joking about it as we both started with classified ads – which were horrendously expensive and you only had 90 characters for your heading & 4 lines of text for your ad … if you got anything wrong there it COST you… screwing  it up was not an option

Think about it…what would you say about your product IF you had those restrictions?

In the advertising world LESS IS MORE… one great sentence is worth more than a page of words of a collection of weak pitchy headings – you’ll get better results by saying BUY MY JUNK

If you are a reporter – you have to sell a story so you need to ask questions:

Who, What, Why, Where, When + How – the 5 W’s and an H

You want to learn to sell LEARN TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS – You will NEVER see a professional salesman – say…. here is my stuff, stick a flashing timer on then harp on about their product… So WHY do it in your sales copy – it’s a sure fire way to lose interest & kill the deal.

IF you are not interested in your prospect’s problem – how are they ever going to trust you to solve it? DOH!

In the advertising world you should always write in third person singular – you, your problem, your success – not I, My results, – no one cares about you or your product, they care about themselves and their problems – so make the subject feel included


Here is an Example… How Do I Write Sales Pages That Sell My Product?

Address 3 Problems all Writers Face in Writing Sales Copy:

  1. Universal Problem: Poor Speller
  2. Physical Problem: Dyslexia
  3. Education Problem: Failed High School English

Just Address The Problem and Frame Your Sales Pages around the 3 Problems and your Headline will write itself.

Example: Now anyone can write sales copy in 7 Simple steps – even if you are a Poor Speller, Dyslexic or failed  English

[- that is a strong heading – it’s short, its simple – anyone can figure out what the subject matter is and it makes you want to read on – so what’s difficult about it]

To write good sales copy – you need to become a good salesman so PROBE INTO YOUR PRODUCT- Ask questions before you even start writing the first sentence

Here is where our Product Review comes into play.  By completing the Product Review Template you will have a better understanding of your product. 

Most folks that write Sales Copy make it about the Product… It should never be about The Product but How The Product helps you acheive your goals!

Once you have the answers to your questions you are armed with the necessary information to write a sales letter/ad/email

If you are writing long form sales copy Make your headings flow – this is your sales flow – a rule of thumb to follow is

1 Problem
2 Pain
3 Solution
4 Proof 
5 Value
6 Overcoming Objections
7 Close

Those are your 7 Steps – now good copywriters will sometimes alter this order and stick proof higher up – this works if it’s a well known problem – so feel free to experiment & split test

So say I was writing a Long Form Sales page – I would make sure that my headings were in order and someone just reading the headlines would fully understand my offer.

This took me 30 Minutes to Write and it follows a PROVEN sales flow – I wonder how many copywriters would have charged me $3000+ for a sales letter like this.

If I saw copy like this I would Promote the crap out of it

Honestly – I have seen so much terrible copy recently I might even write this product as 95% of the sales copy I see today is so bad that it isn’t worth writing an email for.

If you are still have trouble writing the sales page then you should check out our Sales Page Template. Just fill in the blanks using info you gathered from your Product Review and there you will have your Sales Letter ready to go.


It’s about learning to ask questions – learning sales flow – then learning how to write short sentences that follow a proven sales format & adding a bit of passion or Using my proven system.

 I’m not the worlds greatest copywriter … but those are the basics we use in all our sales pages. I have sold thousands of dollars of products from my own website to eBay and this system just flat out works.