Building a Simple Niche Website Template

When building a simple niche website, let me start by saying that every website is technically a “niche” website. Your website is going to target a niche or very specific topic. The big difference is how you decide to target a niche.

For example, an authority site targets a larger niche. While a niche or micro niche website targets a niche within that niche.

I love to go camping so “Camping” would be a Large Niche Market. However, when I go camping I find a locations where I can Pan for Gold. I like Gold Prospecting so my “Micro” Niche would be Campgrounds that offer Gold Prospecting.

I have ranked pages for both but I have found that my Large Niche may bring in more customers, the Micro Niche customer seem to spend more. 

I use this template to build my Micro Niche Markets. I find that by doing One Section at a Time I can see if the niche has the potential to make money or not. There is no system out there that can guarantee money or sales, but doing the legwork early lets me know weather it’s time to Fish or Cut Bait.

Keyword Research

Blog Post Titles

Finding Blog Ideas

Blog Post Formula

Step 1: Build a Simple Niche Website with Content

Create 3 “How To” Blog Posts about your Niche Topic
Create 2 Where to Find Blog Posts
Create 5 General Information Blog Posts

Creating Lead Magnets in 5 Steps

Finding Your Customers

Step 2: Create a Lead Magnet Special Report from Blog Posts

Write Blog Posts using The 5 W’s Format
Write a Headline for Each W
Search your Titles on Google for Content

Step 3: Find Out Where Your Customers Hang Out

Check Facebook Groups
Check National Membership Societies
Check Google, Reddit and YouTube

Paid Advertising

Build A Lead Magnet

Submitting Posts

Step 4: Paid Advertising Sources

Pay Per Click Google Ads
Facebook & Social Media
Clubs, Groups and Organizations

Step 5: Build Your List with Lead Magnet

Promote Your Lead Magnet on Your Social Media First
Promote to where your Customers Hang Out
Promote Most Popular Lead Magnet via Paid Advertising

Step 6: Offer Your Articles & Reviews as Group Newsletter Content

Offer Monthly Product Review Newsletter
Offer the Article to be used in other Newsletters
Offer Product Review to be used in others Newsletters