Write, Engage & Delight


Learn To Write, Engage & Delight

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Getting people to your website should just be a natural part in all the content you put out on your blog. Wherever you put your blog content, you should always include a link back to your website for some free offer that is associated with our post.

Content types may change, but the value you get from content doesn’t change. Spend time creating the perfect content and soon you will realize the full value of what you have written, and where you have placed it.

Let’s Talk About How To Write

Get to know what others in your niche do. Spend time on their pages, reading and learning. How often do they post often? Do they do all their own writing? Do they allow guest authors on their site? Use their stats and points they make to lend credibility to a your posts. If you learn the answers to these questions and you can figure out a way to do things in a completely different way. Don’t forget to check out how your competitors promote and share their content.

All of your content should be unique and relevant to your niche or business. This does not mean you have to write all the content. In fact, when you invite guests to write for you, you allow more unique knowledge to be shared on your pages. The more relevant and informative your content is, the more value you provide to your readers. Instead of waiting for people to write to you and ask questions, go to them. Visit Facebook Groups or message boards, forums, blogs, etc. in every imaginable niche. Search out yours and find questions to answer. Take these questions back to your blog and write out a well detailed answer. Then publish this “Solution” everywhere it is relevant.

Go back to the place where you found the questions and inform the readers that they can find a detailed answer on your website. Drop a link to your site where you have the answers to their questions. Because there is already a built-in market wanting to know what you know, they will be thrilled when you share your expertise.

How to Engage Your Blog Readers

One of the ways to learn how to create engaging content for your blog is to involve your readers. You can easily accomplish this by asking a question at the end of all your articles, posts, or videos. Offer your readers some type of special gift for their email. The more they participate, the more engaged they will become.
Interacting with your readers about the content of your webpages will give you more incentive to create better and better content. Keeping your readers happy will keep you productive. One naturally feeds the other.

Learn How to Delight Your Readers

You have wonderful content on your website or blog, you want to continually promote yourself. Make generous use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to let your followers know of any new content on your site. Visit these social media sites and talk about your articles, answering questions already posted and especially those directed at you. Don’t forget to send them to any page where you have thoroughly answered a question already asked. These questions and answers are simply content that should be promoted whenever the opportunity arises. Engage your readers and they will find their way to your website for solutions not just answers.