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blogs1Business Blog Posts Drives Traffic

I was recently asked, “Is blogging still powerful for business traffic?” There are basically 2 types of blogs posts that drive traffic, Business and Non-Business. Each is used for different reasons. However a Business site can feature Non-Business Blog Posts just as Non-Business Blogs can feature Business Blog Posts. We over refer to the types of sites a Business & Personal or Hobby Blogs. Each type of blog post drives traffic in it’s own way.

A Business Blog should be treated like a silent salesman. It should answer questions you clients may have about your product. Sometime the only thing separating a company from a sale would be a Blog Post directed at the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

This Post will give you a road map to follow to create Business Blog Posts that Drives Traffic.

You can create a Business Blog that Posts Drives Traffic you need to determine the “Nature” of your Posts.

Simply put, you can become the “Go To” source for information on a particular subject. By now you’ve probably noticed the trend towards “curated content”.
Businesses Blog Posts that Drives Traffic moving to a higher plain seems to be a response to the incredible amount of information we are being presented with on a daily basis. While your clients may have access to more and more information, the signal to noise ratio tends to get higher because of it.  Many businesses have resorted to becoming “Linking Blogs” and they are playing an increasingly important role in filtering information for people.

But Where is the Logic Behind This?

There simply is none. Businesses spend thousands promoting products and services only to pass them off to either the Manufacture or even a Competitor because they feel that interjecting their own Solution is too time consuming.


No Doing a Business Blog Post is Just Lazy!

Every Business needs to reinforce to their clients that they have made the right decision by choosing them.

A Business Blog should be treated like a silent salesman. It should answer questions you clients may have about your product. Sometime the only thing separating a company from a sale would be a Blog Post directed at the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Business Blog Posts Title will Drives Traffic

When your Business Blog Post Title address an issue and the body of the post offers a step by step solution then chances are traffic will come to that post.

Here is an example of an effective and non effective blog post title about WordPress Security. Which post would be found most often in Google Searches.

  1. 3 Steps to Fix WordPress Security Issues and Worry no More.
  2. Our Product WP Hole Plugger works great.

The Keywords used for the post should be “Fix WordPress Security Issues”

Try Our Free Business Blog Writing Template

Step 1: Identify Your Audience

Who are you writing this article for. You Sales Department and Support Team will give you plenty of ideas to start. Remember your Business Blog is your “Silent Salesman” closing sales 24 Hours a Day. Here I will be using as my audience folks looking to sell items on eBay.

Step 2: Identify Your Solution & Keywords

Here you need to focus on The Problem, The Solution and the best way to present that to your clients. It may be a Step by Step Process, like the one I am using here, a Video or link to your FAQ Tech Support Page. Here is an example:

5 tips to Offering your Products on eBay Presentation to JA …. Keywords: Offering Products on eBay

Step 3: Build Your Title Using The Keywords

Now that you know what you want your Business Blog Post to do you need to build a Title. The Title should tell your readers What your Have to Offer for their Problems.  I know this seems a little backwards but writing your title this will increase you click through read rates. Here is an example:

5 Best Tips For Selling Products on eBay

Here we are telling your clients that you have a 5 Step Solution Selling Products on eBay. Simple and easy to understand what your client will get when the click on the link.

Step 4: Create an Outline.. Time to Dust Off PowerPoint

There is no better tool to use when writing a blog post than Power Point. Each Slide Crates a new Point of Discussion. Since we are using 5 Best Tips I know I can place 1 Tip on Each Slide and add Text & Images if needed.

Arrange the Slides in order to make your presentation flow.

Step 5: Write the Introduction Using the Keywords

The Introduction has 2 Parts. The first is an Introduction to your “Authority” and the second is your issue. Here is an example:

Since I’ve sold over A Million Dollars of Products on eBay and many times my coaching clients will turn to me when they don’t know how to present there offer on eBay.

Step 6: Build the Post Body Where You’re The Hero

Here is where you introduce problems and offer solutions. Remember you need to make a Hero Statement with each solution.  Here is an example of 3 Hero Statements.

  1. A Coaching Client came completely befuddled as to how to present a new product they just picked up. From the experience I had in selling thousands of dollars of product on eBay, I determined the best way…
  2. One of the biggest problems most eBay Sellers have is including Images in their offereing. With my familiarity in what buyers are looking for I was able to steer my client …..
  3. One client wanted to know if Free Shipping really increases sales? In my judgement on Free Shipping, it doesn’t help your offering and here is why….

In these 3 examples I talked about my experience in selling thousands of dollars of products. My Familiarity with using pictures in eBay Posts and my Judgement in Free Shipping. I was The Hero using my Experience, Familiarity and Judgement in helping my clients.

Step 7: Write a Conclusion With A Call To Action

In summing everything up you need to guide your reader into taking some kind of action. I like using at least 2 Calls to Action here is a list of my most popular calls to action:

  1. If you like this post then please share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
  2. If you liked this post then subscribe to our monthly newsletter for more tips and Secret Specials.
  3. If you want to know how to … Like a Pro or Rock Star then click the link and check out our course on ….
  4. If you would like some 1 on 1 Coaching to make you … Like a Pro or Rock Star then click here….
  5. I have found this product very helpful in …. Get it now with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee click here
  6. If you want to find out more give out sales department a call at… they will be happy to answer any questions…

There are so many more but never use more the 3 Calls to Action at a time.

In Conclusion

Success cannot be measured by just Buying & Selling. Even bad businesses are doing this on a daily basis. What you are, Who you are and What you can deliver is what sets you apart. The True Winners Know This and Likes The Person They Have Become.

Hope this helped. If you liked this article please share me on Facebook and Twitter.

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